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Information sharing - bit confused

Quick one if I can manage it, know there have been other posts about this but don't think they answered my question.

Just getting a bit confused about who sees what information - if I see GP for something related to tests/breathing etc, in between cons appts, does that get passed on? Wondering because have had letter back from cardiology re my exercise test on 17th June (bizarrely registrar seems not to have results from Holter the week before that). Mentions my slight dizzy splat afterwards but obviously not the fact that I still feel dizzy a lot of the time and saw GP about a week later re same dizziness which basically carried on. Not sure it's that important tbh but would like them to have all the info if possible and the letter makes it sound like it was just me not eating enough (mind you, says 'didn't eat breakfast or lunch' when test was at 11.40am!).

Sorry if this is confusing or rambling - I am confused about all this as never know who is talking to who about stuff! Navigating the health service doesn't make it any easier (nor does the weather). Any tips from someone better informed are welcome.

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Normally consultants (or their juniors) write to your GP after each hospital appointments. However, GPs usually only tend to write an initial referral letter to the hospital.

Is that what you meant?

Does anyone eat lunch before 12? surely it was elevenses you missed out on??



Thanks! Yes that's kind of what I thought, just wondered if consultant would get to know anything extra which turned up in between appts, if I went to see GP, but I guess not. Kind of annoying as it means cons has no idea that it's getting worse, though GP said she might get in touch with consultant anyway so crossed fingers.

Yes 11.40 is a bit early for lunch - wish registrar had been more specific, it was breakfast I missed and had dinner early the night before. Didn't help of course though don't think was the whole reason, but putting it like that makes me sound like less of an idiot than skipping breakfast and lunch, though I still felt a bit stupid. I did get my elevenses in the end, in the shape of digestives and Coke (urgghhh) forced on me by registrar.


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