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General confusion!

I've already ranted about this...a lot, so feel free to completely ignore if I'm just banging on. I'm not asking for medical advice, it's not urgent and all the drs know about it plus the nurse I saw this morning for allergy test (as I was feeling dizzy then - not related to test).

Basically: dizziness, feeling like blood not reaching head. Worse after exercise usually and it started after being forced to walk on treadmill for all of 3 mins. Has ok periods when it's just occasional and on standing but then has periods when for days/week or 2 it's really annoying.

They're looking into it, but wondered if it's something that often goes with asthma, even though it doesn't seem to really go with when breathing is bad. Thought it was BP being naughty as it's usually low and kind of feels like blood not quite getting there, but today nurse took sitting/standing BP and it was about 125/70-something and completely normal response - wtf?

Get it with caffeine, too much Ventolin, but heart tests all ok. Can't be meds, I got it well before I was on anything.

As I said, not after advice, just curious really to see if I've developed something else weird or if others have similar - seems a bit of a coincidence that it would be totally unrelated and that was why GP left it to chest clinic. It's rather annoying but is taking second place, understandably, behind the asthma.

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I had dizziness over the two periods last year when my asthma was particularly bad and I had persistent symptoms. I would feel completely exhausted and my head would get fuzzy. This could happen at any time not particularly linked to severity of symptoms but seemed to link more to tiredness. I also had dizziness in a ""spinning head"" sort of way, when symptoms were particularly bad and I was trying to walk somewhere - if I tried to set off too fast my head would spin and I would have to grab something to hang onto.

Sorry this probably doesn't help as mine seemed to be linked to symptoms. I can understand you being frustrated and needing to rant after going so long without any solutions.


Thanks! Apart from not being linked especially to symptoms that does actually sound slightly familiar esp the needing to grab things and feeling tired. And I do have asthma symptoms every day...maybe delayed reaction or something...confusion! It did start after that stupid test though for some reason (I can't imagine why the cardiologist thought it would be remotely useful to get me on a treadmill when at that point I was breathless walking slowly to his consulting room, but maybe he was too busy asking me about every single remotely stressful life event).

At least there's slightly less confusion about the asthma in, I definitely have it. Progress! One day I will get a (hopefully very minor) completely classic illness lol.


Knew we were quite similar from last year. I can sympathise to a point, as I don't wheeze and have persistent symptoms rather than acute attacks. Luckily though I respond to ventolin and steroids, can't imagine what I would do if I didn't... sorry I can't be more helpful!


Have you been seen by ENT? I get giddy,spins now and then,sick and loud Tinnitus in both ears and balance and hearing down.Mine is MD but ears can have other similar conditions and may not be asthma related.Might be good Get ENT refural xxx


No, thanks, it is helpful and was before to know you were similar as made me think I wasn't imagining it all! And I was after experiences really as have managed to confuse all the medics with it lol. I'm beginning to think my main purpose in life is to keep medics on their toes with challenging diagnostic problems.

I do actually respond to the Ventolin...if I have a lot, and I don't need it so much as Atrovent is brilliant! New super-cons wants to try the steroids again - would be great if they did work after all, I live in hope...

EDIT just seen your post Glynis...not seen ENT no. Could be that I guess but it's not spinning kind of dizziness really, more like the blood doesn't quite get there, and I had one episode where I was at a talk just sitting and my vision went really dark for a while and felt ill, then better.

Cons is going to do a specific blood test when I next see him and if that doesn't give him an answer will refer me to some super autonomic guy as it could be that. Good seeing these stellar ones as not only are they good but they know all the brilliant ones in other fields!


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