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Think I just made my GP's day! Diagnosis, finally

I actually appear to have a diagnosis finally! And from my GP, who has beaten 2 chest consultants including a senior asthma specialist by actually giving me a diagnosis and medication that works! Properly a member of this forum now...pity it had to be asthma but would rather know and have something to help.

Saw cons a few weeks ago, she said nothing wrong, hyperventilation, see physio to retrain breathing. GP, the good one, wanted me to keep him updated on how it went. So went back and saw him, told him all the stuff I had already said to drs including consultants a million times, but he actually listened. He was especially interested when I said that breathlessness lingers after exertion and that it was a major trigger. Said it sounded like exercise induced asthma and to try Montelukast to see if it works and come back in a week.

Have been trying it, it does work as am starting to find things easier and not getting knackered and breathless on slight exertion, though still going a bit slowly. Managed day in London today for work, was really worried about it before but fine. Saw GP again this morning, he said yes, EIA if the Montelukast is working and it should continue to work. Also said I should try relievers again s they might work better now some of the underlying problem is being controlled long term. So have been trying Bricanyl again today, may be my imagination but think it has been improving things as well.

So a bit of good news at an otherwise bad time. GP was really pleased too, he said 'score one for GPs over chest consultants!' when I told him it was working, lol. He is amazing, it has taken me 2 years to get here but he just listened to me and thought about it, didn't tell him anything I haven't mentioned many times at appts.

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Philomena, I'm so pleased that you finally know what's going on with your chest and, better yet, you have some medication that's helping.

Round of applause for your GP


Philomela, I am over the moon for you!!! Which sounds silly that I am over the moon you have EIA but you know what I mean lol. I am PMing you too but had to respond to your post!!

Jac xxx


Woohoo, glad you've got answers finally. Sounds like a fab GP.


Very pleased to hear you FINALLY have a diagnosis. Just surprised it wasnt worked out before... I hope you continue to improve. xx


Thanks everyone...yes, GP deserves round of applause and medal for being fantastic. He does apparently have some experience with EIA as he is into sports medicine and sees quite a few athletes with it, but I am definitely questioning why it took 2 years and a GP to get here when 2 respiratory consultants didn't manage it and just told me I was hyperventilating (I am rather annoyed with both of them for leaving me to struggle). I have suspected asthma all along tbh despite the tests suggesting otherwise - maybe seemed irrational but with good reason as I had EIA as a child, have felt this before if on a milder level and also know that asthma never really goes away.


That's great. :) Well, not great, but you know what I mean. At least you know what you're dealing with now - it makes things so much easier. Another GP to add to the GP hall of fame. :)


Hey, I'm glad you've finally got the diagnosis you've been longing for and I'm glad the Singulair is helping, it was that which set me on the straight & narrow last year!


Glad you got a diagnosis and meds are helping :)


Glad you can finally start getting things under control. xx


Slightly shocked to find that it's EIA, as one would expect that to be picked up pretty quickly by the respiratory specialists!

Still, great news that you finally have a name and a treatment that's helping. Thank G-d for Montelukast, hey? And it's one of the few that has almost no side-effects and that can be taken (but not started for the first time) in pregnancy. Fantastic!

Sending lots of love, and hoping that things continue to improve for you.

Wishes xxx


Thanks everyone! It's been great being able to share it on here with you guys now I finally have some answers (especially since you've seen me moaning about not having any, lol).

I will admit it's probably still slightly atypical but even so...the resp specialists really ought to have picked this up, and they would have done if they had actually listened to what I said - I get the impression they made up their minds quite quickly and after that everything was filtered through 'it can't possibly be asthma' (because asthma NEVER comes back once you've had it, of course, and especially not with the same triggers).

I notice my PF has gone up as well - it was variable for a bit but generally not over 600 and usually lower (variability could be my crap technique?), then got stuck at 540 for ages - now it's shooting up above 600 and even above 650! Thank you montelukast - Wishes, not planning to get pregnant lol but good to know I could keep on it when/if that does happen.


Phew - that took a while! At least your there now, can you share your GP around a bit?

Am gonna celebrate for you - wierd thing to do when someone is diagnosed but given the difficulties you've had I think its a good thing to do :)


Thanks. :) I know what you mean, seems odd to celebrate but it is SUCH a relief to have someone acknowledge what I've suspected all along, and without the diagnosis I couldn't have any medication (though in this case also there would have been no diagnosis without medication). GIves me massive respect and sympathy for those of you still not controlled on lots of meds, and for all the members of my family who lived when there was no proper medication for asthma.

Think my GP's going to find a queue of desperate asthmatics outside his door at this rate lol! My mum (who isn't asthmatic though) is thinking of switching to my surgery because of him (and because she is not happy with the way her current one treated my dad).


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