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Referral now finally sorted, but really really nervous

<remove long rant about referral problem which has now been sorted - bit of a mix-up at GP's and was nearly sent back to useless cons at Bart's. Worried I am now marked as nightmare pt with trail of consultants I won't see, but have appt with St Mary's on 1st Feb so at least something is moving.>

Anyway, am now really really nervous! The last two times have been not great with being told I am fine but hyperventilating and then being discharged after a few tests where I feel they haven't really considered things properly.

Any tips to try and prevent this happening again and getting bounced back to GP who is good but has admitted he now has no clue what to do with me? He is also relying on them to come up with some answers for my weird dizziness problem which is a tall order IMO! I have no idea who I'll be seeing and if they'll know about my weird sort of asthma.

I think I'm better off than the last couple of times as I now can say (if they listen) I have 2 meds that work and 2 that sort of work, plus a report from the local physio (don't know if they'll see that, do documents get transferred between trusts?) saying my breathing pattern is fine.

Last time I wrote everything down and gave it to the cons but she just looked at it and said 'well all this indicates asthma which you don't have'. Worth doing again though?

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hope it works out


So frustrating with such delays and lack organisation/communication. Good luck with getting it sorted and maybe speak to your practice manager. I did for ENT referral as didn't have choose and book option for where I wanted to go and it was done v. quickly


Update already!

Thanks! Think I maligned them actually, now I feel bad. Secretary originally said she'd have to contact dr tomorrow and get back to me, but she rang me back 10 mins ago and said she'd arranged it with St Mary's as they have the shortest waiting period and had cancelled Bart's! Gave me my password etc so I was able to go online and book.

So I have my appt on 1st Feb which is pretty quick - less than a week later than original local appt which was arranged back in Nov (and coincidentally exactly 2 years since my first resp referral)! Only thing is it's general resp again - and can't see cons name so just hoping like hell it's someone good who knows about asthma, listens and is receptive to my oddities. I hope I shouldn't have held out for the Brompton - secretary went for this one as shortest time but perhaps I should have said 'Brompton please'. Oh well, done now. Nervous as hell but maybe 3rd time lucky...


good luck, hopefully they'll be able to get something sorted for ya.


Good luck with your appointment, I do hope they sort something out for you


Thanks! Hoping both of you get something sorted as well.

Urggh never feel like I have enough info, seems like way too much of a lottery whether you're going to get a good one! I feel like I ought to be in line for a good cons after 2 rubbish ones though, unless having a good GP has used up my credit lol


Glad its sorted and wont be long now.Hope you get some answers and maybe other meds to help. X


If you ring up the respiratory secretaries at th hospital or the switchboard failing that and ask they should be able to work out who you are seeing. Might be worth a try if you're that worried about it. Least you can google them then. X


Thanks wherrers! I might try that though mind you it's not a guarantee as the first time I ended up with a registrar then a totally different cons from the one on the letter. There were 2 appts listed at that time but no indication of who they were with.

On the other hand there's nothing I can do about who I'm seeing and I don't really know if they're good till I do so guess I will wait - not that long after all! Apologies if I have been sounding like a stuck record/ranting/saying same thing multiple times. I do kind of feel like I'm stuck in a groove with all this and going over same ground - I guess I would just like to get out of it and have them take me seriously!



You may have the consultant's name in the letter for the appt when it arrives, even if you may see one of his/her registrars. I have my fingers crossed for you and not long to wait.


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