Put up till next week or try sooner? (not urgent)

Posted something along those lines in Medical but it was a massive ramble and not exactly asking what I want to now - not so convinced about the labyrinthitis now as I was before. I hope this is not asking for medical advice - I really don't think it's urgent at all but I don't feel very good at judging if I should be doing something in the next couple of days.

Don't want to go on about this too much (sorry!) esp given others on here struggling a lot but have been feeling a bit manky the last couple of days with this post-exercise ECG dizziness thing - feels a bit like having flu except without the 'infection' bits (no temp etc), but the tired/dizzy etc,went out to shop round corner this afternoon and had to sit on bench for a bit. Has been manageable as went to work yesterday though wondering whether to throw in towel and go home, thought it would be better after good night's sleep but wasn't. Lungs not happy either but when are they ever? Don't think they'll get critically stroppy though.

Booked GP appt for next Tues, first available one, figuring cancel if get better by then but wanted to get in while there were still any appts. GP said come back if it gets worse and now think it is, wasn't sure before. Should I just hang on till then? I'd ring NHS Direct just for advice but they tend to be cautious and will prob send me to OOH anyway even if don't really need it.

Aargghh another ramble, sorry. Thanks for reading if you made it this far and apologies for being a bit of a stuck record.

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  • If you can't get an appointment with your regular GP sooner I would probably wait until Tuesday. OOH don't seem to be any use unless it's fairly urgent or easy to solve with a prescription (but then you know my opinion on them) so I would just try to wait. I very stupidly completely forgot to phone for an appointment this afternoon and GP's half day tomorrow so will have to wait myself until Monday. Feeling bit better today though so hopefully it will last and as pollen count is low and feeling better think possibly asking for a better antihistamine will help and maybe keep me off the pred.

  • Thanks for reply, hope you get things sorted!

    yeah, that's kind of what I thought...ugghh. I find it hard to judge but as this has been going on for a couple of days don't think I'm in Costa territory so OOH/emergency appt tomorrow is the only other option and they're such a lottery (2 GPs at my practice I'd rather not have).

    We could really, really do with a walk-in centre round here but as I've said apart from anything else OOH is such a huge production and I always feel like I'm wasting everyone's time including my own. If I could just pop in to a walk-in wouldn't mind so much. And to think I used to live round the corner from one but never needed it then...

  • Hi Philomela,

    Can identify with being unsure of when to see someone. Have made appointments but then felt better, have also put off making an appointment and then felt worse! Not sure what to suggest except to go with your instinct. Sorry can't be of more help. Hope you feel better soon.

    Shy1 x

  • Sent you pm xxx

  • Hi Philomela,

    Me again (have just pm'd you). Just read your message about GP appt. Can you get an appt for today? (Practice your assertiveness with the receptionist) I would probably take time off work to see a GP today rather than just wait until Tuesday. Why do these things happen as the weekend approaches?!

    Let me know how you get on please

    Jac xxx

  • Feeling a little more weird today so have given in and rung GP - they had no usual slots but I explained and they have squeezed me in at 5.50 this evening. Luckily it turns out to be with my usual GP and not one of the ones I'm not sure about who don't listen.

    I just hope this isn't something that could have waited till Tuesday/would have gone away by then or I will feel really stupid, not to mention bad for keeping my GP longer at the surgery on a Friday evening!

  • Good luck Philomela and keep me posted xxx

  • How did you go on at the docs Philomela?x

  • HI Glynis and everyone - thanks for your concern! GP still has no idea what it is (basically think they'd all be freaking out and thinking it was heart-related given how it started but since all heart tests I've had have been ok probably not that which is a relief). Went in there feeling like death warmed over after walking which it doesn't seem to like.

    Could be labyrinthitis or not but anyway she's given me medication for the symptoms which hopefully will work - I could do without feeling like I've got flu as well as the breathing issues! Though I notice on the leaflet it says side effects could include dizziness and low blood pressure...which I already have! Severe side effects which I need to watch out for...fast heartbeat and flu-like symptoms (again, already there!) (it's Buccastem ie prochlorperazine).

  • I take Buccastem and Serc16. Is your Buccastem the one that goes under your lip? It works quick on sickness and if bit giddy xxx

  • Yep, got one there now! Hoping it works - on reading more about it think I would notice the 'flu like symptoms if caused by this and is pretty rare side effect anyway. Just amused that the first side effect listed is 'dizziness'!

  • hahaha i was also. Can use 2 Buccastem but i usually use one and after 2 hours use another if need it. The serc works best if dizzyness and the Buccastem for motion sickness and bit dizzy. Last year had 6wks off work with it after room spins and Lab!↲

    Hope the tabs help you xxx

  • I'm glad you've got something to try Philomela and hopefully you can have a non-dizzy, non-fluey (?spelling?) weekend! xx

  • Tiny piece of good news!

    woohoo, tablets are starting to work! I know it wasn't a huge thing and is only treating symptoms but whatever, I don't care, GP had no idea what it was anyway so happy that some form of medication is working on me given the asthma meds haven't.

    Thought I'd share some good news though it is a very little thing - just hope and pray medication can work as well for others more badly off.

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