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Returning to work

I am wondering weather or not I should return to work. I've not worked in 3 years but during this time I have worked up alot of debt, not much but enough to make me worry and not be able to do alot of things because I do not have the money.

My asthma hasn't improved at all since I had to give up work, if anything it has worsened, my consultant advises me not to work.

I do get enough money to live on I receive the higher rate of dla mobilty component and incapacity benefit.

One other thing is I do not have many qualifications so this is also worrying me as if I do return to work I have no idea what I could do, I was a care assistant before but obviously now that would be out of the question because even while I was at work I never did a full weeks work because the work was too much, often with me ending up in hospital from doing too much.

I dont know wat to do I'm 24 soon and feel like I have achieved nothing apart from a few years experience in a care home and only 5 GCSES due to the fact I had to repeat the last year of school due to being in hospital.

I'm starting an undergraduate degree in health studies with the OU in november, I'm looking forward to learning again and using my brain!

Am I putting myself under too much pressure as I dont think I could honestly cope with a full time job but theses debts are a worry?? I also live alone so trying to work and look after myself and my flat will be hard work.

Sorry for the rant its all just starting to get on top of me!


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Clare, I can totally understand you wanting to get your life back into order and to start to feel like you are acheiving something worth while again but please don't bite off more than you can chew as having to give everything up because you have over-loaded will be very disheartening. Only you really know what you can cope with the OU course sounds great.

Can I suggest going to your local Citizens Advice Bureau (CAB) about the debt they really are fantastic about working with you and those you owe money to in finding a manageable plan, there is nothing to be ashamed of they have access to expert knowledge in this sort of thing. When I worked for an MP we used to often refer people with debt problems to the CAB, its a free and confidential service, they don't make judgements or preach they just help you find a resolution that works for you. Perhaps then you can get on with your OU course with a free mind knowing that one big worry is off your shoulders.

Good luck



Hey bex

thanks for your reply, I was just having a really fed up kinda day. I know I cant return to work yet, I think I worry about the future too much! I'm in the process of sorting out my debts.

It just felt like it all was getting a bit too much.

thank you




It is fantastic that you are doing a course with the OU - i would love to do something like that but i always find they require so much funding - you will really enjoy it.

With regards to work if your doctor is advising not too i would advise to take his advice. Have you thought of looking for a job where you can work from home? I'm not too sure what would be available but perhaps that is an option you could consider?



Firstly - good luck with the OU course - It may be hard to start off with getting your brain back into studying mode but once you have i bet there will be no stopping you.

I agree with Bex on contacting the CAB - they really are the best place to start and once you have got things sorted the pressure on you will feel so much lighter.

let us know how you get on with your course, it is a big achievement going back to studying after time out and I am sure you are going to do brilliantly.



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