Sharps bins

Does anyone know any good websites that sell sharps bins?

My resp nurse is excellent at getting me my subcut supplies but I hate to keep bothering her! I need this/that etc...

I also have 4 full ones but there too heavy for me to take to the hosp, for the last 6 months she says shes been trying to sort out these problems with supplies, clinical waste and full sharps bins but grr nope nothing.

anyhoo sorry for the moan any help muchly appreciated.


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  • I just get Aysheas from the doctors, they will deliver fro me if i need them to. Have you tried them rather than your nurse, when mine are full, i take them to the docs as it's easier for them to dispose of them for me.


  • Here in Devon you just call the local council and they come along and take the old bin away and leave a new one. I have a standing order for 2 they come every week I leave the full ones outside the front door (we live on a private road and my front door is at the side of my house and not visible from the road) and 2 new ones are left. I am shocked at the lengths some of you have to go to get yours changed.



  • I have just had my repeat prescription of 2x 1 litre sharps bins reduced to 1 a month, with no explination from my GP. I have had this problem for 20 years (having been on s.c. bricanyl this length of time) and absolutely refuse to buy my own as my GP runs a seperate service for drug addicts who get syringes, sharps bins from his surgery and can take full ones back for safe disposal, i cannot, luckily my husband works for the NHS and disposes of them for me which is a ludiucrous situation. At the moment i am reduced to using an empty shampoo bottle as i have a young child around the house and dont want any accidents. My consultant offers to help out but its not his problem , he already supplies the sof sets, syringes etc the least my gp can do is give me enough sharps bins with the the rest of my repeats!!!!

    Rant over!

    Sorry Clare that was'nt very helpful was it. I dont know why some areas have there act together and some dont, but i really dont think you should buy your own sharps bins you can get them on prescription from your gp, eventually!!!!

    Hope you can get things sorted.

    Take care X

  • You can use the sharps bin for the pointy stuff and a clothes wash / conditioner bottle (One with a wide neck) for the bulky syringes. Also Shake the bin to settle the contents & you get more in!Clare, Medical Equipment services in Essex Will provide you with bigger sharps bins and all your other s/c stuff - Please get on to them, they are great. Ask your nurse etc.

  • Whilst I can get the 1 litre ones on prescription (which are fine for short breaks away), mine are supplied by the ""Waste Management Department"" in my local council. I used to get them from GP's surgery but due to budget constraints was then put in touch with local council. They collect and deliver my requirements when I give them a telephone call. Local council here also deals with other clinical waste. Someone has to do it, so would be surprised if your local council doesn't offer this service.

  • Thanks for the replys peeps will look into local council collections, maybe I could ring community matron too and ask her about the essex equipment service, I have asked resp nurse in the past but I hate being a nuisance! Have not seen community matron in months.. I hope she can help.

    I recently went 3 weeks without sof sets because resp nurse had not ordered any in and had to use annoying butterflys. I never get full boxes of supplies either so I'm at the hosp every week getting something or another.

    I've been on subcut nearly a year now and had hoped by now something would have been sorted.

  • Clare, re sof sets I have a one box in use, and one box in store if I go into the ""store"" box I call and order a new box straight away. If it is that hard to get them then you could go for the 3 box method, one on the go, one ready and one in store. My Resp nurse in torbay is very very good, I have never had to wait and she even has them shipped to my GP's surgery.

    And please don't worry about bothering anyone you are living with a difficult condition, just because it is asthma does not make it any the less bothersome. Hassle if you have to, you have nothing to feel bad about.


  • Katina, that is the same as we have here, although I now have a standing order for 2 x 5 litre bins a week and so far so good :)



  • Thanks bex I'll ask resp nurse about ordering 2 boxes next time, I suppose its all about costs though maybe she can only order one at a time, there was a few of us on subcut but now I'm the only one so im sure she could order me more! Have by the off chance he may px them, added a sharps bin to repeat meds list, fingers crossed nice GP will give me them from now on.

    I've even said to resp nurse before, sorry I keep ringing you, she told me off and said to bother her whenever. I just always feel guilty though unless im ill!

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