Diagnosed this week. Aged 35... bit of a shock really

Hi ppl. After putting it off for some months, I finally went to my doctor with my breathing problems. He said I have developed asthma.

I have never had this before.

I can't remember exactly when I began to have trouble, but it's been in the last year or so, I think. Seems to be traffic and train engine fumes and other people's dirty cigarette smoke causing the problem.

I've got a brown inhaler to use with the plastic 'spacer' bubble, and a blue inhaler to use when things get painful.

I'm now on day 2 and it may be psychological, but I do seem to feel a little better, even though I appear to be losing my voice!

I've slept better due to no coughing, and it doesn't hurt so much when I laugh.

I had no idea adults could develop asthma, and I was gobsmacked when I was told it was!

Well, could be worse, and I guess now I have proper things to help me - the inhalers.

So I just thought I would say hi :)

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  • welcome. like you i was diagnosed as an adult at 32 with no probs b4 at all really. you will find everyone here v welcoming and helpful with any questions u might have. why not pop in the camping thread where we tend to hang out.

  • Thanks for the reply - nice to know I'm not alone :)

    I want to know if asthma is the same as COPD or a type of COPD?

    Any idea?

  • Thanks for the reply - nice to know I'm not alone :)

    I want to know if asthma is the same as COPD or a type of COPD?

    Any idea?

  • as far as i understand its different. others with more knowledge tho will be able to explain it better.

  • Thanks for your reply... I'm going to say hi in the Camping thread now :)

  • Hi Estelle,

    Sorry to hear you have developed asthma later on in life. Must be frightening if you have always been used to being able to breathe freely.

    But there are lots of reliever and preventative meds as you are already finding out.

    Concerning your asthma/COPD qestion...With treatment, asthma patients have near-normal lung function and are symptom-free between exacerbations or attacks. COPD patients rarely experience a day without symptoms. Airflow obstruction in COPD sufferers is only partially reversible with a bronchodilator - e.g. ventolin use.

    However, there is much research going on looking at the similarities and differences between COPD sufferers and asthma sufferers in terms of lung inflammatory changes, genetic susceptibility to both conditions, and lifestyle influences, e.g. smoking, obesity, effects of the environment, diet and so on. Some research seems to suggest that both asthma and COPD share the same clinical features. One example that seems to cover both conditions is that of bronchial hyper responsiveness - BHR – for short. So if your trigger is allergy based, - pollen, HDM (house dust mites) pets, moulds et al you will experience problems whether you are diagnosed with COPD and/or asthma.

    If you smoke and have been diagnosed with adult onset asthma even more reason to try and quit.



    PS Make sure you rinse your mouth out with water or gargle with your favourite mouthwash after using your brown or preventive inhaler. Should help you to avoid any more hoarseness.

  • Regards the COPD Q.

    COPD = Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary disease.

    It used to be called COAD - Chronic Obstructive Airways disease

    There also used to be an acronym ROAD - Reversible Obstructive Airways Disease - eg Asthma.

    Not heard these terms used recently though.

  • Nor me Kate re the ROAD acronym.

    But have it confirmed today that COPD does cover non -smoking lung probs.


  • Hi Estelle,

    Welcome to the boards, hope you soon adjust to having asthma, hope the boards help you as much as they have helped me. Take good care, Lois

  • Thanks for your encouragment :) it does help alot. I am noticing a definite improvement and I've only been using the inhalers 5 days. I'm not coughing at night now, so I can sleep through. Therefore feeling more alert at work!

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