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All at once

Hi everyone,

havent been on in a while and just needed to vent for a little bit, so sorry in advance:)

guess I should start at the beginning so... After starting singulair a couple of months ago things got a lot better and was finally feeling in control. Was doing sport again and everything was generally good.

I got a cold in october which was followed by flu (normal kind!!) and then two chest infections which kind of knocked me down after feeling so good. It took a few weeks, but i was then fine again and quite impressed with the recovery I made to be honest! as was everyone, as they all thought I'd be out of action for the rest of the year! lol! anyway, mid november was fab... began to think I was just generally improving lung wise. And then all of a sudden am feeling that same old chest tightness, the effort of breathing has suddnely increased and Im coughing like I smoke 20 a day.

the thing is is that Im in a bit of a mind battle really. My peak flow, which normally shows, along with symptoms how severe I am, has been pretty weird to be honest. Its just hovering around the 80% mark but can be better when Im feeling rubbish and not so great when I feel better. Dont know whats going on there! Im thinking maybe I should go to the doctor, but last time I went he told me that I wasnt doing my peak flow right as I didnt ""look"" ill enough to be getting that low. that has smashed the confidence in him right out the window, so i really dont want to go back to be embarrassed and start doubting myself. Being in uni, theres no one else I can really tell. Coaches in sport are starting to look at me funny again and Im generally feeling low. as ever when one thing falls - everything falls and stress isnt helping and now excema has flared up as well. am just generally a bit stuck and dont know what to do. dont want to cause a fuss over, most likely a little hiccup, but its getting a bit silly now and am struggling more and more.

Guess I'll just wait it out and see. sorry for length of this, dont want to whinge to friends! they dont know anything about what it feels like.

thanks for reading

Tasha xxxx

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Hi Natasha 29.

Best to see your GP as we have winter to come yet and to make sure you have everything you need for your Asthma as ive learnt symptoms can soon change.

I am new to asthma this year and I have learnt not to leave it if I am having problems.

Might be good to give the Asthma nurse a call on this sight.

Good luck Glynis xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


Hi Natasha,

Reading your post I got a touch of Deja Vous. Please don't let anyone put you down or tell you how YOUR asthma should be. My daughter had a dreadful time with the hospital staff at our local hospital and had to fight tooth and nail to have her voice heard. Do you keep a peak flow diary which I think can give a better view of how your asthma is. My daughter monitored hers every morning and evening and if it started to fall from her ""norm"" then she increased her meds as agreed with her protocol in conjunction with her asthma consultant. As you know we are all individuals and what might be right for one person may not be right for another. I hope you keep well over this winter and please don't be afraid to speak up for yourself. Take care, LIZ x


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