Hi guys. I just wondered if you could give me some advice/opinions... I don't have asthma myself, but my partner does and I'm wondering about the best way to talk to him about it. At the moment he's working abroad, but he was home last week and I noticed that he was using his reliever at least once a day. From what I've read that's not good, and it's certainly more often than I'd normally expect him to use it. He doesn't have a preventer or anything else, although he used to, and hasn't had an attack in years. I mentioned it to him, and although I'm fairly sure that if he was at home he'd go to the doctors, with him being away (he won't be back until July now) he's reluctant to do anything unless it's an emergency. I just wondered if you think he should seek medical advice, and if so how should I go about encouraging him? I know it's a sensitive subject, and I don't want to be seen as interfering, but it's his health!

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  • i deffinately think that if your worried that you should tell him as if you've noticed a difference then i think it defo time to go to the docs, just explain that you are worried and want to prevent anything from happening. You say that he is just on a reliever then maybe he should be taking a preventer... but deffinately speaking to him and getting him to a doctor would be bennefcial for both, having friends being asthmatic as well as being one i can see how you pick up on the little things and they tend to niggle at the back of your mind

    hope all goes well

    katie xxx

  • Thanks Katie. I want to speak to him about it, and I guess I should trust my instincts, cos it is worrying me, I'm just a bit worried that I'm overreacting since he's had asthma for years and must know within himself when it's time to see a doc... I dunno, I'm confused :-s

  • i would pm u but i cant ... i no it must be confusing for you as you dont have asthma and probably dont understand everything.... he should know when to go to the doc but if hes anything like me (stubborn!) wont go unless someone says are you ok or ur asthma seems bad.... but he may need a gentle kick up the backside and there is lots of info on this site and others to help you understand more about asthma etc which may help for you

    katie xxx

  • :-) this site is ace. the past couple of days I've read loads of articles and stuff (I'm worried about him) and I think without actually experiencing it I know the basics. Scarily though, most of what I've read and understand seems to support me wanting him to go to the doctors. He's usually stubborn, but getting through to him is harder when I'm not physically with him and going to see someone involves much more hassel on his part, and the added scariness of seeing a doctor in a foreign country. Obviously he doesn't report back to me every time he uses his inhaler or whatever, so I guess I'm just gonna have to be direct and ask him how he is and tell him my concerns :-s

  • im glad you fond some good info i know i have and its helped me lots .... it must be hard when he is so far away but even more important that he gets checked out as the last thing you wnat is him in hospital abroad ... i m sure there is docs that he can go to and get checked out

    good luck be confident and itll be ok xxxx

  • :-) thanks so much. it's good to know that I might not just be a paranoid girlfriend!

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