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Message from EmH... please read!

Hello everyone,

As some of you know, I've just been discharged after a three week admission; my fourth admission in quick succession, which has resulted in me spending most of August and September in hospital. During these admissions, I've been quite unwell at times, and have also had a few new things to deal with. I'm glad to be home now, but I'm still struggling a bit, and haven't a lot of energy or resources.

This post is really just to say that I may not be as active on the boards as I usually am, for the next few days and weeks. I will still be popping on most days, and I will still be active as a moderator, but I may not be providing the lengthy replies to posts and PMs that I normally do. Please do feel free to PM me with specific queries, and I will attempt to answer if I can, but please bear in mind that it may take me longer than usual to respond. Messages for the moderators can be directed to me and the other moderators as usual.

The only other thing that it remains for me to say is a very big thank you for all the support and well wishes that I've received whilst I've been unwell. It really does make a very big difference in helping me cope with a difficult time.

Take care all,

Em H

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So glad you have escaped. Take it easy and sending a big hug xx


Glad you have escaped. Hope you feel better soon.

*sending get well vibes*




Glad your back to normality/reality if thats what this is!

Take it easy have some you time for once instead of making sure everyone else is ok!!!!


Im so glad your home,now u can get well quicker in your own surroundings.xxtake care


Welcome back EmH. We've all missed your informative replies to our problems. Look after yourself. Big Scottish Hugs to you and Alex


glad ur home again hon. Keep gettin ur strength back but dont push urself 2 doin 2 much 2 soon- i made that mistake and ended up straight back in again. Im slowly becoming an impatient patient-lol! Im lookin 4wards 2 sleepin in my own bed again ... Anyways glad 2 hear that ur doin ok- was thinkin of u just take it nice n slowly 4 a while! Lotsa lv xx


Em, Sending huggggggssss!

Glad you have escaped.




Em, please take your time to get well and take care of you and that hubby of yours. You know where we are. xx


Glad your back and have some good u time x


Really pleased you have escaped , please take care and pace yourself ( more easily said than done i know!!)

Hope you are starting to feel a bit stronger, love and hugs


Glad that you're feeling better!! Take it easy - follow my example and install yourself on a sofa with neb and laptop...

I also spent most of August / Sept in hospital and I thought about you all lots! I may not spend much time on here, but it's nice to know that you're there!


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