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Hi all, hope everyone is well. I have always had an understanding employer when it comes to my absence (which is high at times due to asthma). I have now been refered to occ health and reports have been sent by my doc and consultants. Now I have been asked to be reffered for an independent doctor assessment. Just wondered if anyone else here had had this? and should I be worried?

Thanks in advance

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Nope.... I have worked accross a number of different hospitals so have seen a number of Occy Health departments.... most of them just want to chat to you to make sure you understand how your condition effects you and maybe put in place some conditions (for a while I was not allowed to work past 6pm as thats when my attacks happened). You also must remeber that they cannot dismiss you due to asthma as its against the Disability Discrimination Act they have to make adjustments



My occ health doc wrote to my GP and Consultant for further info, he also asked for permission to look at my medical records. But I've never had to see an independent doc???!!! not for work anyway, I have for DLA and Industrial Injuries.

It is a myth that your employer cannot dismiss you because of your asthma. I am battling at the moment with my NHS employer about this. If you are no longer able to do the job described in your contract/ job discription they can dismiss you as you can no longer fulfil your role. They finish you through ill health and then you can apply for ill heath retirement but are not gaurenteed to get the pension. For example I am a nurse and have just been proved to have occupational asthma they are saying I can no longer work clinically (on the wards) therefore cannot fulfil my role as a nurse so they can terminate my contract if they wish to do so.

If your in a union get them on side now before things progress. ~They will be able to advise you and ensure your employer doesnot try to pull a fast one!!

Good luck

Truly x



Truly----I too work for the NHS as a nursing assistant and am no longer allowed to work clinically on the wards, I had a meeting with my boss and HR and they said that they can deploy me into admin, but it would mean that when i am fit enough to return to work they will help me find a a job in admin, but it would mean that I would have to apply for it, but my sickness would not be taken into account, I would then be given a 4 week trial in that job to see how I get on, and if I am ok I would get the job, if not I'd have to start the applying again, i then get 3 months like this and if I go off sick again in that 3 months or I don't find a job it will go to a hearing and then they will decide whether to keep me in the trust or retire me on ill health grounds.

Like Mobymaloney I have had an extremely understanding boss and she has done everything to help me and even said she will come out to see me at home if I don't feel well enough to go into work to see her...I have been seeing occ health for over a year now and he has never sent a letter to my doctor or consultants and i have never been asked to see an independent doctor either, don't let it worry you though...

Take care



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