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nervous post-er and turbohalers

hello from a very scared ekk. this is my first post, despite reading all your interesting and helpful posts for the last year or so. i feel a bit of a fraud when i read all the posts on here, as i've only had prednisolone a few times, and only had to resort to a ad e on the odd occassion. its only a couple of years that i've had asthma but i've recently been put on symbicort turbohalers by my gp, as an alternative to a combination of beclomethasone, severent and ventolin.

the thing i'm not sure i get is what is supposed to happen with symbicort turbohaler when i have a really tight chest. it doesn't seem to go in as well, compared to a ventolin and spacer. i'm feel like reverting to the ventolin and spacer option, despite the symbicort supposed to do the same thing. does anyone have any advice/experience? i'm sorry for the post which seems quite minor, but hope someone may be able to help.


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i might not be the best person to answer but - for the first week or so of using symbicort I really felt like nothing was happening. But once it began to kick in it was a million times better than anything i'd used before. So my advice is just to give it a week, or maybe two, which i know is hard but i found well worth it. I've been put on singulair as well so now i'm just giving that a week or two to kick in!

Good luck.


ask your doctor if you can use both? I do... I use symbicort every day, then whenever i have an attack i use ventolin.


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