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Constant Wheeze but normal Peak Flow

I take 2 puffs of Qvar 50 twice a day but for the last month or so I am constantly wheezy yet my peak flow is more or less normal for me.

My cough and wheeze responds to Ventolin, sometimes several times a day.

My chest doesn't rattle and I am not bringing anything up but I am wondering whether or not just to take the Ventolin when needed, or perhaps visit my GP

I have been under a large amount of stress, as well as the humidity we've had a while affecting my asthma. Is it normal to hear of normal peak flow but yet experiencing asthma symptons.

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i think that u should take ventolin when u need it after all if u read the paper in the box it says take a maximum of 10 puffs in 1 hour u should follow that if it doesnt work it might be chest infection or sumin


if i were you...I'd take a wee trip to see the asthma nurse or your you have an asthma plan? if you do have one..follow that or as i said safest bet is to have a word with the medical experts :)


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