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Wheezing and Chest infection

I saw my GP this morning as i was wheezy and short of breath, she prescribed me antibiotics for yet another chest infection and prednislone although i did find it strange she didnt give me a neb considering my sats were 93%, although she has made an apppoinmnet for me to see her later. She was very keen to send me to hospital but i wasnt so allowed me to stay at home aslong as i came back this evening.

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You should probabley listen to your doctor and go to the hospital they will get you better. I dislike the hospital but i know from experience that if you want to get better you need to go else it will drag on and on and on and on etc


Yes Plumie is right you should really listen to your doctor, esp as on your profile you put your asthma down as severe....

good that your seeing the doc this eve, take care and hope you get better soon

kel xx


I agree wih Plumie too... I know from experience what delaying does, and it isn't good. I hate hospital but I know when I'm bad it's the best place to be and the quicker I go, the quicker I get out. The worse you allow yourself to get, the longer it will take to sort overall. I suspect your GP didn't give a neb as it can give a false sense of security and make you think you're OK and make you less likely to get help.


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