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any help would be great

hi all am so upset that no one is listening to me , been to doc twice with chest pains and shortness of breath i keep taking turns when im out or just at home where i cant get my breath and the chest pain is really bad and they both go together just come on suddenly my doc says it s a pull musell from coughn im just not convinced and no one is listening to me not asking to be diagnoised just any one with the same type of thing many thanks

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Can't really help with this specifically but does sound (without any expert knowledge) like something you'd want to get properly checked out and can see why you might not be satisfied with 'just a pulled muscle'.

If your current GP is being unhelpful is there another one you could see in the practice? There are some at mine I won't see if I can possibly help it because I know they'll just fob me off whatever it is unless I were to actually collapse in front of them - others are much more helpful and even if they don't have the answer, they'll actually try to work it out and won't just dismiss it. If you can't see someone else, perhaps go back and try again and say that it's worrying you and interfering with your life and would it be possible to have some tests?

Good luck, hope you get this sorted! xx


Have you got a out of hours doc like a walk in centre or 24 hour docs you can go to

if you want to make sure you are ok.?

love Glynis xxx


just to day i agree with the others, you should really see if you can get to see another GP or out of hours GP for second/third opinion until your happy with diagnosis, or happy that they are listening to you :)

you can even go A+E, but i would seek the first two options first, unless of course your in an episode of acute pain/ SOB

Keep well. Hope u get it sorted

x x x


As the others have aready said keep going back and pestering your gp till you get a satisfactory response....

I had three years of pestering various gp's at my doctors with my asthma followed by another two years with my respriratory consultant and have just started to feel like I am geting somewhere now with new consultant at tertiary centre...

So it is worth keeping on at your medical professional until you find a solution that works for you...


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