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sub cut pump

hi all lovely day here in dublin if only one could get out and walk and enjoy it . well back tosquare one sob coughing and nebing what to do, they told me before that sub cut pump would be an option or maintance steroids so question anyone on this and who exactly gores on it ie, uncontrollable asmatics brittle or anyone else atthis stage yes i would go on it as dont seem to have a lot of quality of ordinary life so any advice thoughtsabout this med would be great cheers!!

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Hi hudson,

Once you have reached maxium medications the next option is sub cut pump. Just a question are you on theophyillne?

Subcut pump is a clever little device it basically is a needle in a box with a tube that goes in to you and gives you a continous supply of sabultamol (reliver stuff). Your consultant tells you the level you need it at and that is what it sets as.

I personally dont have it as the maxium medications are working for me and keeping me controlled. I would guess you are the same as me chronic asthma or severe asthma or difficult to control asthma. Doctors like to use a wide and varied list of names for it, personally i stick to chronic asthma just for easiness sake as everytime you see a different doctor they call it something different. As far as people are concerned you are asthmatic and you have to take a lot of medication to try and get it under control sometimes you will manage it other times as you are finding you need to up to another level to get more control.

HOpe that is of some help


edit: well picked up on claire22 hadnt spotted that, i have maintance steriods i think that would be your first option it is certainly what i a using and it helps with the theophyillne too.


Hey hudson

I'm on sucutaneous turbutaline (bricanyl), there are a few types of devices that can be used to deliver the drugs, the one I use is called a greseby syringe driver. There are also quite a few types of delivery sets you can use, I use sof sets which involves me putting a small needle into my tummy when I take the needle out a type of cannula is left behind this is attached to thin tubing.

I was quite poorly when I started subcut, I had been in hospital for a long time requiring iv drugs and was unable to stop them, subcut was added and I was able to wean the ivs.

Since being on it, it has reduced my hosp addmissions and some symptoms. I think your first option may be maintainence steroids, its worth talking to your doc about the 2 options.

Hope this helps



I would be very surprised if your Drs considered this without trying maintainence steroids first as well as all other avenues.

I have had sub cut suggested before as have been on pred now for 13 yrs and cannot tolerate any form of theophyliin and am not controlled and have frequent long admissions and trips to ITU but unfortunately due to a heart condition i cant tolerate the increased heart rate that it s gives me.

I understand the desperation for some normality in your life but its definately worth giving the steroids a try.

Good luck and keep us posted.


sub cut pump

hi all thanks for the replies i have been on steroids for a lon g time it took me a tear to get off them now im bank where i started again aS SOON AS IM OFF THEM AGAIN im so short of breath that i cannot get up the stairs in the house my dad had empzema and i look exactly the same when he was bad so cons at the end of their wits with me dont no where to go . they told me their hands are tied im on everything that can be given so this is wher im at going to go back to them before my appointment due and get some answers many thanks


Go for steroids first! Also have you tried Theophyllines?

Only when all oral and inhaled meds have been exhausted and you spend half your life in hosp is s/c considered usually.

I am stuck on steroids, though lower dose most of the time. I had problems back in 1994 where I was in hosp for 2-3 weeks at a time , had problems getting off IV ventolin etc so this was the time when I was started on s/c bricanly (I now use Ventolin s/c)

at the mo, I only use my s/c when my asthma starts going down hill or needing too many nebs. I am able to manage it at home to some extent but when it doesn;t work, I am in hosp.

Hope this helps


EDIT: PS s/c is Sub cut as in sub cut pump....


sub cut pump

so kate what exactly is this i have never been offered this have heard it mentioned a lot here any advice would be great 1


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