Can I drink alcohol whilst taking Singulair


I'm new the the drug. I was diagnosed with asthma when I was 12/13 and manged to grow out of it. Recently its come back and constantly fighting to control it. My doctor has put me on singulair and I am concerned if I can drink alcohol. Since having my asthma I have not had alcohol as afriad it might make me ill. What can and can't do? I'm on ventolil and clenit module.


Nicky x

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  • Im not the tablet myself but what does the leaflet that came with the tablets say?

  • I've not seen anything to suggest that you can't consume alcohol while taking singulair, so bottoms up ;)

  • I've taken it for over 10 years now and have never had a problem drinking whilst taking it.


  • generally any meds where alcohol will cause a problem should state on the dispensation label.

    Also check the leaflet inside the pack too!

    I have been fine with alchohol & singulair for many years.

    If you are concerned that alcohol may affect your asthma, best discuss with your GP.

    Some people are sensitive to alcohol and other chemicals in alcoholic drinks. This is different to a reaction to the meds with alcohol.

    Hope this helps

  • I've been on it for a few years and haven't noticed it making my alcohol consumption suffer. Chin, chin.

  • You certainly can have a drink. However, be aware that it may reduce your alcohol tolerance!

    I could waffle on about the reasons for that, but it'd bore you silly and you'd probably fall asleep...

  • hey!

    cheers guys for that. Now knowing a can celebrate my birthday in style. The leaflet didnt say anything which is why i asked x

  • cathbear, i'm sure those who can't sleep with singulair would love you to waffle on and send them to the land of nod :-D

  • I've been on it like 2 years or somthing now, but have never been told it reduces my tolerance to alcohol and I've always drank whilst I'm on it, doesn't seem to make any difference to me, and I'd rather have the alcohol if I had to have one or the other lol.

  • cathbear please do waffle on and send me to sleep I live in hope that when chest settles again may get more than the 2 hr stints am managing since was discharged last week so will give anything a go for a block of time in the land of nod.

  • Ok....well you did ask...

    The adaptable (""trainable"") part of our alcohol processing plant in the liver is the cytochrome p450 enzyme system. It's responsible for quite a number of processes including sorting out a number of drugs. If you're drinking a lot of alcohol, p450 ""gears up"" and becomes more efficient. If you don't, it sort of quietens down and becomes less active. Hence why, if you haven't had an alcoholic drink for a while, you may notice you don't have quite so much tolerance as you used to.

    Singulair inhibits the p450 system - if you like, it sits on its stomach and bounces up and down so it can't work as efficiently. So, as a side effect, you may notice that you become something of a lightweight in the alcohol consumption department...!

    Here endeth the lesson. Hope you're snoozing happily now :)

  • nope, wide awake, off to find out more about the cytochrome p450 enzyme system

  • thanks cathbear must have worked only woke 2 x in night thus had breakfast at normal hr of 8am rather than 6am shame that the i feel better feelin didn't last all day maybe it was the fact that after finally got up to go to warfin clinic appt then decided to nip to shops. only out 1.5 hrs in total but ow completly wrecked again and I planning on going back to work next monday. mmmm

  • well my birthday went well. drank loads of alcohol and yes am so lightweight but was gr8!

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