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asthma and cold weather


writting this as dunno what to do other than take another trip to the doctors. I'm fed up of my asthma. I started having attacks last wed when it started to get colder. I'm on brown and blue inhaler as well as singulair. Up until this point my asthma has been ok. I have had a constant cough which has gotten worse and thats what sets me off mostly up until last few days were my chest has been so tight at times has left me unable to speak. Dunno what to do and fed up now. I wear a scarf over my mouth and it help a little. Would asking the doc for an asthma nurse help? I am overdosing on my blue inhaler like no tomo. Just want help. So low with it as i do want to enjoy the snow and christmas x

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go back, sounds like you could do with a little more help. maybe something like a LABA2, basically a long acting ventolin that you take twice daily, - Salmeterol or Formoterol would help keep your airways open for around 12 hours at a time, and help reduce the number of times you need the ventolin.

Don't forget, take your ventolin before you go out in the cold. Of course you could also have a cold coming and that makes asthma worse, fingers crossed that's not the case.


been the doctors this morning and yeh! another chest infection. I'm on pred for first time too. He's gimme antibiotics as well. so am all drugged up should i say. i shall be merry on pop this christmas lol x


The cold weather set me off today when out in town. I had only planned to stay in the mall but ended up waiting in the street and it was far colder than I first thought. Only had a polo neck and a cardy on, was waiting for relies and coughing, thankfully I had some ventolin with me.


oh i cant do without mine. always have it were i can see it or on my person. its on my list of 5 things i take with me when i leave my home. phone, keys, purse, inhalers and passport lmao. i could go anywhere then lmao x


this time of the year I always have the ventolin with me, as the cold is a big trigger for me, but in the summer, I'll leave it at home without any bother, unless I'm exercising, normal daily life i'm fine, but it's wise to always keep it with you.


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