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change of meds, not sure if it's working

Hi all


Glad to see so many people getting through christmas OK.

Just a quickie, my son was changed from Seretide 1000mg /day to Symbicort 1600mg - 2400mg/day on 12th of December. His control was not very good on Seratide hence the change. A couple of days before starting Symbicort he also switched from Ventolin evohaler 100mg (with spacer) to acuhaler 200mg (round one with 60 puffs).

My problem is although he has not been terrible over past 3 weeks (ie admitted to hospital) he has gone through so much Ventolin and had two 5 day courses of pred (40mg). He is getting ill again within 3 days of finishing pred with peak flows by late evening down to 1/3 of best.

I don't know whether he is just bad at the moment, whether it's the change from Evohaler to accuhaler or from Seratide to Symbicort or a mixture of everything!!!

Any advice would be appreciated - have appointment at local hospital on 7th Jan and RBH on 30th Jan.

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