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Interesting visit to the respiratory clinic

I went to the respiratory clinic on Tuesday, and just thought I'd let you know how it went. I saw a lovely young doctor, who had a great manner. (This is the first time I have seen a consultant about my asthma in many years). Anyway, he agreed that it was worrisome that I was getting so many pneumonias / admissions, and that my best PF had decreased by 25% over the space of 12 months. He is arranging spirometry tests, a high resolution CT, and ""loads"" of blood tests. One of the things he is going to investigate is my immunoglobulin levels (to assess how good my immune function is). He also suggested that I may have developed bronchiectasis as a result of frequent infections. He explained that this condition was not reversible but was ""controllable"" (with azithromycin).

I have endocrinopathy (pituitary has broken down causing my thyroid, adrenals and ovaries to stop producing hormones), and he thinks that there may be some link between the downturn in my asthma, and this condition. So he is going to liase with my endocrinologist to discuss this, which is good.

So, I was pleased with how it went, and felt the consultation was very productive. Even though having bronchiectasis isn't a good thing, it would be good to have it confirmed / treated, as I understand that one's asthma can be brought under better control if the bronchiectasis is treated. That would be a result!

So, all in all, it went very well.




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So nice to hear a possitive rosponse on here!! not been one of them for a while,

good luck hunny xxx


Cheers ab!!!!!!


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