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IV Sedation and Severe Asthma

Hi guys,

I'm up late (can't sleep) and need some peer advice...

I'm due to have all 4 wisdom teeth out next Monday and the dentist has recommended me having IV Sedation, but I'm worried because I'm still on Pred and now on Alendronic Acid. He's told me it'll be ok, but I'm just concerned. Has anyone else had IV Sedation when on Pred etc? What's it like?

Any comments would be appreciated.

Hope you're all doing well


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Ive had sediation when on pred etc and its fine I would reccomend that they keep a close eye of resp rate as it can impair breathing. It would hurt if you didnt have any sediation!



When I got my wisdom teeth out it was deemed to risky to use sedation so have had them out under local and had one done at a time. I have had issues with healing as I have been on alendronic acid which effects healing of the bone. The dentist had to take part of the bone away to get the tooth of the first one out. I had to have antibiotics for a while after wards. Am waiting to get the second one out!!!

Chest wise it really was not as bad as I thought it was going to be. I hope yours go ok.



I have Brittle Asthma and on pred all the time, had to have 4 wisdom teeth out a couple of years ago, and because of my medical history, dentist did them under local one per visit, no sedation. And I found the whole experience stress/pain free. I would check with your gp before going ahead with sedation, and with your history I think your dentist you speak to GP if they will only carry out the wisdom teeth removal under sedation.


I'm on longterm pred and am always given extra steroid (hydro in the bum!) cover when having any procedures done. Does anyone else get an extra jab??

Normally when having teeth out I just get local. I had my tongue tie clipped under local and its usually done under general, was scary! Damn asthma!

Hope it goes ok :)


hi- this worries me loads as ive got to make my mind up about needing a couple of ops, but im so nervous about going under. ive never had a tooth out either as i just change the subject with the dentist when he talks about removing my wisdom teeth lol. let us know how it goes - good luck


Thanks for your messages guys,

I'm due at dentists tomorrow morning (10:15am)...really getting nervous now. I'm still not sure about IV Sedation..my consultant isn't available and my GP is on holiday...grrr.

My oxygen sats are around 95 this evening...not bad, but it's dipped. I'm worried the sedation will depress my lung function too much. I'm gunna ask if I can have a local and maybe break up the sessions to make it manageable. I note some of you guys have done this with success. I just hope dentist agrees.

I will let you know how it goes

Gareth :-)


good luck.dont worry they are trained to do it and cause you the least amount of pain.keep us all posted.take care x


The sedation may be a smal dose intended to make u feel woozzy rather than full sedation where u sleep. Will b like a nite on the tiles and U will b declaring ur love to everyone..,


An Update

Just got back from dentist - I've had 3 wisdom teeth pulled and 1 cracked tooth out today WITHOUT sedation!! I've got to go back for the last wisdom tooth next week.

I'm relieved it's over, but anticipate it's gonna hurt once the local has worn off!

To be honest, the procedure itself wasn't too bad and was so quick! I didn't even feel him pull the top two wizzies out!

Hope you're all ok



Glad to here you got on ok x you will need some pain relief or hot water bottle when anasetic wears off. Hope the next few days go well and soon eating normal xxx


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