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Cough is driving me mad - should i be worried?

Hi everyone

Have had a big cough problem for last two months since was diagnosed with asthma in early june but recently it started to improve. I came down with a cold this week so cough has understandably been worse. But today I am relly struggling – i have a tickling sensation that i can't seem to clear and it's soooooo uncomfortable and am coughing non-stop, nothing (including inhalers) seems to help. i am drinking water by the gallon and still no relief.

I know everyone is different but any advice on how to help cough ease up would be much appreciated - is there anything i can do??

also - should i be worried? is cough a sign of asthma getting worse?



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When I get a cold then the same happens, persistent nasty cough and inhalers are mostly useless. Once the cold clears, then I get back to 'normal' fairly quickly. I find running the shower so the bathroom gets warm and steamy and sitting in the moist air helps, also drinking loads. GP is sympathetic but unless you are coughing up loads of green stuff and have an actual chest infection he can treat with antibiotics, not much else he can do. I just have to wait it out. Also if you have been taking painkillers, especially ones like ibuprofen or aspirin, then these can make things worse. Paracetemol is a better bet.


I went through similar thing recently and i found the best thing was day and night nurse. Night nurse was especially good coz I had spent previous nights waking up every half hour with a coughing fit but when I took night nurse i slept solidly for 12 hours!



Hi Lorri,

I find that going swimming helps (the last thing you feel like doing I know) or to have a really hot bath - think it is the warm humid air. Benylin is really good - the Chesty Coughs one but make sure you get the drowsy one if you want to sleep. Give it a couple of days if its still no better go see your Asthma nurse to double check. Unfortunately we suffer with colds more than people without asthma - check out the news today though - sounds promising.

Hope you feel better! :o)


My physio suggested making yourself keep swallowing to help stop the coughing. She recommended sucking jelly babies as they are soft rather than a boiled sweet which you could choke on. I have also been advised to have ice cold drinks or hot juice/tea both are more soothing than water from the tap.

Hope you are better soon

Ange xx


i recommend simple linctus in hot water, it is fab at reducing that tickle that wont go away, it is cheap and non addictive.

George xx


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