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Asthma improves when camping?

Hello there! I am new to these forums so hope I am posting in the right place.

I wondered if anyone could help? I went camping for a week and I didn't have to use a reliever inhaler once, didn't get breathless or tight chested or anything. Within hours of getting home I was tight chested and needed my inhaler. I don't have carpet in my bedroom, just floorboards. I have laminate downstairs. The only carpet I do have is the stairs and landing and that's new carpet.

I try and keep the house dust free as much as time permits me to and I wondered if anyone else had experienced this or if they might have any suggestions as to a trigger?

Thank you :s x

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have u thought of the cleaning products u are using at home they maybe triggers

tbh for myself and the children general dusting around i use baby wipes not only are we better for it its cheaper lol

my oldest i have to clean windows when she not about cos the vinegar they put in the window cleaners starts her off so do it whilst she at school and have to leave the windows open

when my son was about 2 i couldn't use bleach as the smell would start him off

u might find its one thing silly like that that is not helping u

hope this helps



Have you thought it maybe the new carpets that are causing problems. ? I recently went to friends house whose carpets were only a few weeks old and had a humdinger of an attack and i know i have reacted before to new carpets(btw friend didnt tell me of carpet b4 i went or i wouldnt have gone!!!)



Hello again. Thanks for the replies.

Few things - I was set off in my house before the carpets were put down and it's just as bad now, worse so in the bedroom where I don't have carpet so I don't think it can be them.

Secondly, I only use natural cleaning products and I tend to vary them where possible so I doubt that either.

However I wondered if anyone had any experience of dry wall or insulation setting them off??

Thanks again.


I know you say you dont have a lot of carpets? But do you have a lot of soft furnishings? Like beds duvets pillows? Sofas etc???

Maybe try anti-allergy bedding if you dont already...

Emma x


Curtains are another item to add to Emma's list - but these can be hot washed at 60C to kill dust mites (if the fabric can tolerate the temperature), or replaced with blinds that can be cleaned by damp dusting.


Anti allergy bedding is something I don't have so that might be worth a try! Would you know where I might get some? I have anti allergenic pillows and they are only a few months old but the quilt not so.

I don't have curtains, just blinds.

My couch is leather and I don't have cushions :s Ugh.

Thanks for all advice so far x



Could be something to do with pollen in the air. I have a small holding, at home and in the garden I'm having breathing and coughing problems but on Monday when I was weeding the beck about quarter of a mile away I was symptom free. I was paddling in the water lightly shaded by trees and working quite hard pulling out weeds and roots for several hours. As I walked home the symtons gradually returned getting much worse as I came through the gate.

Best wishes



Hey, i know john lewis do a type where you actually zip the matress into a protecter so the whole matress is protected not just the top half...but they don't come cheap...


hi again i was advised to get the antiallergy bedding covers from boots apparetnly the best ones well so the asthma nurse at hospital said



Are you allergic to mould spores? If so it could be that you have a damp area, or even without damp you can get a significant build up of mould in very old houses.

Or do you live in an area with more pollution or plants that irritate you.

I guess the problem is, it could be any one of a number of things! and all you can do is tackle the ones you can do something about like bedding.


Carpet backing

Apparently carpets with foam backing contain loads of chemicals (some real nasties) so it could be if yours are foam backed that may be a trigger for you. The foam backed ones can cause problems for people without asthma so that gives you an indication of of the level of fumes they can leak out. Friends of the earth can give you more info on what is actually in them but since you have only just had them put in I am guessing it won't be much consolation...sorry. :-(



I Have Boots bedding covers - the matress one is an all in one zipped in one - It put it on a brand new matress so no chance of any mites taking up squatter rights!

I am not sure if boots still do all their range, but if you look elsewhere, look for the breatheable, thin plasticy woven fabric as that is most mite proof!

Pillow cases - zipped as well. I did have a duvet cover but it was too noisey! It has since been chopped up to make V shaped pillow case covers which I stich my V shapped pillows into when new.

with ordinarry bedding, the closer weave the fabric, the better. eg good quality Egyptian cotton.

Air your bed daily, don't keep the mites tucked up warm under a duvet, fling back the covers and air it during the day.



Thank you :)

..for all your advice! I will be shopping this weekend for some bedding, not much I can do about the carpets unfortunately. Hmm.

Thanks again x


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