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This may seem a bit silly, but the past two times I have eaten nuts the back of my throat has been itching, and the area around my mouth, nothing too serious... I get this with fish (but to a much larger extent), and I am allergic to fish. The thing is though, once it was peanuts, then the other time it was almonds, and from what I know, are not even from the same family, and therefore not related at all. Do you think that I could possibly be developing an allergy to nuts? Do nut allergies even develop at this age (I'm 18)?

I am finding this rather strange, because I have never had any problems with nuts. Anyway, what I am also wondering is, if you do think I may be developing a nut allergy, should I by all means avoid it until I have gotten anything confirmed, or would it not be too big of a deal, as so far I have only had a bit of an itch?


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Hi Haagendaz,

It's difficult, of course, to be sure, but this does sound like it could be a potential allergy. It is certainly possible for nut allergy to develop at your age, and in fact at any age. It is also possible to be allergic to several different kinds of apparently unrelated nut - the most common ones to cause problems are peanuts, almonds, brazil nuts, cashew nuts, hazel nuts, pistacio nuts, walnuts and pecan nuts. Some people also react to coconut and seeds such as poppy, sesame, sunflower, and pine nuts.

The problem with these types of allergic reactions is that they do tend to get worse with time and repeated exposure, so what is a little tickle in your throat now could develop into more dangerous symptoms in the future. Do you carry injectible adrenaline (Epipen or Anapen) for your fish allergy?

I would strongly advise that you discuss this with your doctor and ask if it's possible to have allergy tests to try to determine the likelihood that you are allergic. It would be a good idea to discuss injectible adrenaline and the sort of criteria for using this, if you are not already sure about this. In the mean time, I would suggest you avoid all the nuts mentioned above. I am sure that people with direct experience of nut allergy will be along shortly to advise on how to achieve this.

The Anaphylaxis campaign ( is an excellent source of information and support.

Hope this helps

Em H


Hiya, i would say stay clear of nuts until you can rule out being allergic to them. This was how my first few allergic reactions to nuts began, just a slight itch, so i was never too careful about avoiding them. However, after having this reaction 3 or 4 times, i went out to eat at a restaurant and had my first full blown anaphylactic reaction. Not trying to scare you, just saying that it can change quickly!

Also, i too ""developed"" the allergy at age 12 having been fine until then. I am also allergic to nearly all kinds of nuts, both peanuts (technically legumes like peas!) and tree nuts.

Id say go speak to your gp and try and get some allergy tests done :o)



Hi Haagendaz,

Sorry to hear you seem to be having problems after eating nuts.

I'm allergic to Tree nuts in general (almonds, brazil nuts, hazelnuts etc) I was told that people are often allergic to more than one type of tree nut. I was also told to avoid all nuts including ground nuts (peanuts.) Although I'm not allergic to this group as far as I'm aware they share similar proteins and cross reactions can occur.

Like EmilyH said it sounds as though it would be sensible to go and visit your GP and ask to be refered to an Allergy Specialist. Unfortunately they do have very long waiting lists- I waited almost year despite being 'urgent.' Hopefully things might have improved.



I get that feeling when I eat fruits with a skin on them such as apples, pears, plums and peaches. it drives me crazy. Try to avoid nuts, but perhaps if you speak to your cons/GP about your suspicions they could order an allergy test.


Thank you for your replies! You have at least managed to scare me enough to not eat nuts until i get an allergy test! It sounds scary that it can come so suddenly. I know with fish it gradually got worse. I found it very strange though, that if i am suddenly developing a nut allergy, why is it to peanuts and almonds at exactly the same time? I see the connections, but at the same time I don't. Do you think that it might be a cross reaction with pollen?



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