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Clenil inhaler

Is anyone having problems with the pump action of the Clenil inhaler? I am now on my 3rd inhaler of Clenil and sometimes it pumps well but others it hardly pumps anything out at all. I am sure it isn't my technique because I have used inhalers for years and have never had a problem before. I have also been told several times that my technique is good. I have taken this one back to Boots but the pharmacist has noone else using it so doesn't know if this problem is unusual but he is getting on to the manufacturer about it.


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HI Angela - are you using an ordinary MDI or a breath-actuated version? And are you using a spacer?

I've been using the MDI for just about two weeks now - no problems yet but it's a bit like serevent used to be for catching at the back of your throat.

From what my mum was saying the pharmacist told her they were having some problems, but I think that was Qvar autohaler as that's what she's started on now (I used an autohaler myself, but only for a very brief period of time because it was, quite frankly, hopeless in actually ""firing"" correctly).




Hi Cathbear,

I am using the ordinary MDI with a spacer. Before being changed to Clenil I was on becloforte also with a spacer and never had any problems. Clenil did catch at the back of my throat when I first started to use it in January and had to force myself not to cough when I inhaled but I am used to that now and have no probs. control-wise I have better control on Clenil than I did on becloforte but as it is basically the same drug don't really know why. I just keep having a problem with intermittent poor pump action with the Clenil - the same problem with all 3 inhalers that I have used so far.


Ooh, thanks for the warning. I'm about to go away for a month & I've 2 of these to take with me, I'll try them out straight away to check I don't have problems. (& I'll let you know how I get on)


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