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I was just wondering if any one else here has a picc line. i normally only had them put in when i have been staying in hospital as am difficult to canualte but no they ahve left it in so i am at home with it. it is really annoying me but if i do have to go back to costa it will be better than having numerous drs trying to stick a cannula in.

really just wondering if anyone else one and how they manage with them coz it is so obvious and i normally always wear short sleeves but feel self conscious bout it now. my community matron comes round and dresses i and looks ater it for me but i am also paraniod about infection etc.



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Hi Olive,

I normally only have one of these when i've been in hospital too - but have had a couple of occasions now where they were left in for quite a while when i've not been in. I also found myself being self-conscious of it - in a similar way i was to the s/c when i first started on it, but have developed various ways of hiding that away too...

initially, long sleeve tops and jumpers - which was fine in the winter, and then tubigrip/tubigauze type thing (which i may or may not have dyed to a not such horrific stand-out whitey colour...!)

and well - then of course the festive season...with the xmas parties / balls - the use of one of a selection of very pretty scarfs tied around the elbow of the arm with the picc line, then delicately draped across the back and around the other arm..... - and basically only the people who knew me to have a picc line, knew what was hidden away.... to everyone else it was just an accessory...

hope this helps...



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