stopping singulair


I'm between doctors at the moment (just moved to uni), other wise i would ask there.

Before I left home, my doctor agreed to me stopping singlair over the winter months, see how I get on.

I'm just wondering if anyone knows if the symptoms were to come back, how quickly would it be? I realise the drug must stay in the body for a certain number of hours.



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  • Hi

    Did you find Singulair helped you at all? I found it made no difference - so I came off it. I also take seretide and uniphyllin tablets. Seems that it is really good for some and has no effect on others.


  • Hi Christine,

    I'm not sure exactly how long Singulair stays in the body once you stop taking it, but I can't imagine that it's more than a few days. I'm guessing that if you haven't had any ill effects in a week or two, then you are probably managing without it - although of course if you get a viral infection, that will be another test of your control without it!

    Do make sure you register with a local doctor as soon as you can, won't you?

    Take care

    Em H

  • hi,

    Carla, I've been on it about a year and really helped.

    Emily H, I've had a few problems this week, particularly with coughing. I tried to register when I first got here but needed proof of new address, so had to wait for that, now I got 2 lol. first task for tomorrow b4 uni is back to dr's to register before I run out of meds!

    Thanks :)


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