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Tooth Problems

I'm at home at the moment from university for the christmas break. I am now registered at a doctor's at uni, although my old doctor's still have me on record.

The other day I had a routine dentist check up and told him about the trouble I was having with a tooth which he was already aware off. He has decided I've got to have a root canal done. The tooth in question is not just sensitive but hyper sensitive - hurts a LOT whenever foot, drink and even air pass over it or go near it.

Problem I have is now I can't do my inhaler - it's too painful! I have the symbicort turbohaler and there is no other way of taking it. My appointment isn't until the 19th Jan and I dunno what I can do until then. Any suggestions?


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I think you can get symbicort tablets to take instead of the inhaler but only for short time periods worth asking about god love ya sore teeth are the worst try clove oil around the tooth and rubbing sentive tooth paste and leaving it on around it i chipped my tooth not long ago and done the same and it actually helped


Symbicort tablets don'w exiist and the best way to take asthma meds is by inhaler.

I would see your GP for perhaps a temp change in meds or even some strong pain killers. You should be able get an emergency app for a dentis if you have severe pain. try to get it brought forward.


tooth problems

Dental problems are miserable. Call up the Dentist and ask for a prescription for painkillers. Tell him that you have asthma. He will know the best things to prescribe and is able to prescribe for you. I find that Vicodin works best. If it is only for a week get the pain undercontrol and then keep it undercontrol, taking the painkillers regularly, and not letting the pain break through. don't stop taking your asthma medication.

Hope the tooth is better soon.




Hi Moose1 Poor you toothache is terrible. By what you have described I think you might have an abcess which is very painful indeed. Phone your dentist and see if he can give you an emergency appointment you might need a course of antibiotics. Hope you feel better soon and your tooth clears up fast xx


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