Bromelain - anyone else take it?

I've been taking Bromelain ( for about 6 months - and seem to be having a better winter than usual. Does anyone take it? Any thoughts?

This is from Healthspan's writeup: ""In addition to the strong anti-inflammatory and painkilling properties, bromelain has a useful mucus-thinning action and can help with respiratory conditions such as sinusitis, bronchitis and asthma.

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  • Ermm is this allowed or is it classed as advertising and therefore not allowed?

  • I can't see why it would be advertising - as I'm a personal user, with asthma, looking for feedback from anyone else who has taken it?

    Isn't that like saying that the discussion about taking quinine or eating bananas is advertising? I only put in the URL because that's the only place I've found to get bromelain.

    sorry if this has offended anyone. Still hoping for feedback.


  • The only thing I know about Bromelain is that it is an enzyme extract of Pineapple.

    I have seen it in other shops.


  • I've never seen it - but it sounds very interesting!

  • I'm the same as Kate on this one. I am aware that it is extracted from Pineapples.

    All I can say to that is, I have developed an allergy recently to Pineapple juice!

    However, in the big bad world of asthma and the search for more natural remedies, well done you if you have found something that you believe is helping you in some way, and thank you for wanting to share it with us.

    I have seen the pills, capsules, tablets whatever for sale in most shops and supermarkets, they have a picture of a pineapple on the packet!!! but maybe your health food company's extract is far far stronger.

    Sus xx

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