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Cushing's Syndrome

Does anyone else suffer with this?

I have had a diagnosis of this from my GP but will be seeing an endocrinologist on mon (was originally for diabetes but now both!!)

I have been told ideally i need to reduce the pred - im currently on 35mg but basically when i go below 30 i live in cost so im really stuck between a rock and a hard place.

Its that old adage - cant live with it cant live without it!!!

Grrrr i really have had enough this yr sorry to rant

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Hi hops

Could you explain some of your symptoms cause im begining to think I may have or am developing this cause of long term pred not only have I got a bright red very round face im getting a hunched back and when doc listens to my back by tapping for dull places it is extremely painful to extent i have to ask them to stop is this anything like you have

Many thanks



Tas, how long have you been on pred I have been on doses over 30mg for 11 yrs now.and i have been told that actual cushings is quite rare but often alot of side effects are similarand mimic it .I have had to have a number of different tests before they came to this diagnosis

I have a noticable hump just below my neck, irregular periods, extreme tiredness not linked to activity levels,weight gain around belly but slimish arms/legs despite my diet not being enough to gain weight, diabetes, horrendous red stretch marks,moon face, increased facial hair, muscle weakness and lots of joint pain not linked to anything else


Hello there, I was diagnosed with cushings syndrome in 2006, and under went surgery for a pituatary tumour in 2007, prior to surgery I was on 70 units of insulin 4 times a day, 850mg 3 times a day and my HBa1c was still 9.4, I am now a 18 months on from surgery am no longer on any medication for my diabetes, my HbA1c is 5.2 I have lost 4stone and no longer have a hump on my neck, my periods are returning although somewhat irregular, all in all I am on the road to recovery, its been a long journey but worth it!


Hi Vonney

Im really pleased that your Cushings was treatable with surgery. Unfortunately mine can only be dealt with by coming off steroids which is not possible certainly at the moment as the lowest i can get is 30 mg before ending up being tubed.

Congrats on the weight loss and the big improvement of the diabetes.


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