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Sore tongue

Does anyone get a very sore tongue, when nebbing very regularly using a mouthpiece?

Ive never had this problem before because i have always used a mask but now since using a mouthpiece for 2 weeks my tongue has become sore ,cracked down the middle and very coated.

Any ideas or suggestions most gratefully welcomed as i really dont want to have to go to my GP !


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hi hopalongkp, I find that I get oral thrush a lot with nebs, whether I use the mouthpiece or the mask. An antifungal med should clear it up soon enough and there are several about, though you will need to see your gp for a scrip as they're POMs.



I was told to brush tongue and gargle with good mouth cleaner after nebbiing steriods, but it can apply to mask but espcially mouthpeice as all med is directed into throat. If you ring GP surgery and leave a message telling them what has happened they will do a script no problem.


Peroxyl mouth wash. Contains hydrogen peroxide, - well known anti bacterial gentle 'cleaner' Know a scientist friend who turned his scientific mind to business acumen and the development of hydrogen peroxide into antiseptic skin cream some years ago. I have used peroxyl mouthwash to control hoarse voice, cracked tongue and sore throat from very high doses of inhalers and nebs.Don't have any sort of sore throat, cracked tongue or hoarse voice now.Only have to use salty or saline mouth wash - again worth a try - for the very occasional cracked tongue.




Really interesting to read this as I've had a really sore tongue, mainly the tip for quite a few days. I never thought it could be down to nebbing. It feels like when you've burnt it on hot coffee (i haven't), does that sounds right?

Hope ure tongue settles hops.



I get a sore tongue when I'm taking massive doses of steroid inhaler. I use a mouthwash twice a day now and when my tongue (and/or throat) are really bad I use antiseptic throat lozengers. you could see if that makes a difference.


thanks all for your replies ,i now have a few roads to go down. im trying to stay away from drs as i had enough of them while i was in! I tried the salty mouth wash but but literally cant stomach it so i went out and bought some ""oraldene ""mouthwash this am. I will let you know what happens and if it works as at the mo tongue is very cracked and its starting to cause probs with food (not good when u got bad pred munchies!!)

If anyone has any other treatments let us know Thanks


Another good thing for a sore tongue is fresh pineapple or pineapple juice. Much more tasty than a lot of other options. You could also try natural or probiotic yogurt.


I always seem to have that sore mouth thing going on. I have even got it checked out by pharmacist, dentist, hospital doctors when in. I've been told the lining of my mouth is very fragile in that I only have to touch my cheek and it sort of sloughs of. Apparently-here we go-it's a combination of the steroids, steroid inhalers, saline in the I need to go on!

I have trouble with mouthwash as I am very allergic to salicylic acid and it is in so many of them. I just swill, rinse, and spit with warm water usually, and rely on acidophyllus type drinks and cooling live yoghurt.

Beware-today I sliced my tongue on an ice cube, it is really sore now and bled for ages. Ice cubes now need to carry a tongue slashing warning, me thinks!

Sus xx


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