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Joint pain

I was wondering if anyone experiences constant joint pain in various joints.

For the past month or so i have had persistent aching/painful joints that i cannot find a cause for, the main places are my fingers, wrists, lower spine, hips(although i do have problems already there)and shoulders.

I am on pred continuously and haven't altered my dose(40mg) for over 3 months apart from when i have iv hydro when in and often the ain is not totally relieved by tramadol and paracetamol.

I have an appt with my GP at the end of th week but was wondering if anyone had any thoughts/ideas/expereince of this.

Thanks in advance.

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Hops, I have no really useful advice accept to say make sure you take your paracetamol like clockwork. It is now the only pain killer I can have and I really struggle to get back on top of pain if I miss a dose. This seemingly mild pain killer is very powerful when taken regularly. However as I am sure you will know you need to get ""on top"" of the pain first. Good luck.



I'd second what has been said about the regular paracetamol - that's what I'm reduced to now and the most difficult time I've had is when I'm in hospital and don't get it absolutely on time at the regular intervals I use - takes a while to get back.

Also, I used to take Tramadol and after a while pain was getting worse, and GP suggested that that in itself can cause pain??? Not sure about this but might be worth discussing with your GP.


Thanks guys ,im pretty good at sticking to times with the meds as really dont like how i feel if i dont or try to go that little bit extra i pay for it! I can only take paracetamol or tramadol but i have to admit i have been finding it less effective recently which is frustrating.

c'est la vie lets wait to see what Drs say.


have you tried soluble paracetamol? i g#find it works quicker than tablets?


I have dissolvable paracetamol as I too find it works quicker.

Just lately I have been experiencing very swollen feet and lower legs, they start to tingle underneath and then they go red and swell and I were just wondering if this could be the result of my steroids?

I have asked my GP several times and she never says anything.


Having just seen my GP again he is now pretty certain that I have developed Rheumatoid arthritis and has referred me to Rheumatology - great another con to add to the ever growing list!!!

anyone any experience of this?


i was going to ask about joint pain - how odd!

I have had constant pain in my legs for a while now. I mentioned it to my cons last time and he said prob pred reduction - as we've been trring to reduce my dose for hte past year. So question is - how long will it take for the pain to go away or will it always be there now? SOmetimes its worse than others, sometimes I can hardly walk as my legs dont feel strong enoguh - sort of porous, and other times I can do pretty much what I want with minimal pain. oh the joys of pred!


I take codine and paracetamol and find it helps even just 2 x day. not sure if just due to pred or if bone meds need upping but am back in clinic in few weeks so will find out results of last scan


sorry to here you have painful joints.ive got ostio arthritis in neck back hips knees and ankles.had opps on knees.i take tramadol 150mg and arcoxia and the hospital put me on amiltripaline for spine probs.hope you get help.i still have probs and would recomend a tens machine it does help.i am new to asthma and hate having it and see my gp every month for a review its scarey having attacks.i walk with a crutch and keep plodding on.what ever you have with your joints try stay positive and not let your problems rule your body , luv glyn


I have now been referred to the rheumatology consultant at the local costa -almost certain i have rheumatoid arthritis but am having more tests just to rule out anything else. They are concerned as despite being on 40mg pred im still getting quite a bit of pain and stiffness.

Am really fed up now and wondering what else can go wrong with my stupid body.


For some reason I went along for years thinking I just had hip pain and it was no big deal. Perhaps it was because breathing (like literally breathing) just had to take priority. Anyways, I got really really bad achilles tendonitis a few years ago. I couldn't exercise for 2 1/2 years actually. So the third time I went for PT my therapist sent me to a rheumatologist. Turns out she really thinks I have psoriatic arthristis. And I have all the symptoms! I have achilles tendonitis, hip/back pain, swollen toes (although I think you can get hand/wrist pain too), and it can cause trouble breathing too. Yeah. I was shocked. Anyways the only saving grace is supposedly I have the mild kind, so naproxen really helps and I don't have to take any of the other crazy immune suppressing arthritis drugs for now. My asthma doc recommended having a more complete breathing test once every year or so to make sure my arthritis isn't interacting with my asthma. Oh...other symptoms include conjunctivitis (alway wondered why my allergy drops help some but not enough) and skin problems (have those too and always wondered why avoiding my contact allergies wasn't working). is too weird. Hope you feel better. I do find I have periods where I am pretty good, and periods where I'm really stiff/sore. I'm 29 by the way.



I have ?? polymyalgia and when reducing pred I get joint pain in alternate joints for a day or two at a time. One day hip, the next it is wrists!


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