Salamol Steri-neb

I just went down to the chemist to collect my rpt script not only have they not been able to get the pred EC but they also said that the salmol steri-neb had been discontinued and as my script specifies salmol they could not fill that one either. Typically Dr's is closed on a thursday afternoon too! Thank goodness I always order 2 weeks in advance.


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  • Oh no! Not another muck about by the pharmaceutical multinationals!

    I actually prefer Ventolin nebs as easier to open and have smoother edges so I don't hurt my paws on them. Hossie always had the sterinebs.

    Is there another generic salbutamol neb?

    Do you use salamol because of the contents or because the nebules have edges? LOL!



  • I use them cos that is what my GP prescibed, will call GP's tomorrow and get script changed and find out about what I am to do about EC pred I had a ulcer once a million years ago so was advised to stick to the EC pred.


  • My scripts say Salbutamol nebs but I go to Boots to get them as they only stock ( as far as I know) A&H Ventolin

  • Darn it says salamol steri-nebs on the script so will need to get it changed for a more generic one like salbutamol nebs 5mg in 2.5ml.


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