Pharmacy Madness

I have recently changed to sterile field for everything related to my port, so my prescription has had to change - previously I only needed sterile field for re-needling - so I need a whole load more dressing packs. I put a repeat for the old amount 1 pack and then 3 days later when the GP had amended my script to read 12 packs another one went off. For some reason OH picked up 12 pack one 1st then on collecting another script today they said they also produced one pack. Now OH said that is not right she now has 12 packs and brought it home. I explained to him what had happened and he got it 2 scripts went in in 3 days apart one for the old and one for the new. However, the pharmacy told him they needed to change hte script again. So I called the pharmacy who now say I have to order 12 x 12 spec 10 (that is pharmacy code type thing) which means I would be picking up 1440 dressing packs, could I get pharmacist on the other end of the phone to understand that what was on my repeat was right and that I did not need to ask the GP to change the script could I arse. Now there might have been language issue as the pharmacist was eastern european his english seemed very good but I could not for the life of me get him to understand the I did not want to pitch up and find I had a years supply of dressing packs so OH went to GP's they amended the script and it has now gone in. If I go and find a years supply of dressing packs I am going to have to kill someone.


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  • Stall at next car boot sale? Dear Bex, hope all sorted out soon.

    We have three pharmacies in one row of shops. How mad is that?

    Each one is exasperating. One works so slowly, the staff look as if in slow motion. Another has so many members of staff to check contents and address are correct but can still get it wrong. Third uses different makes of generic medicine to the other two. So, one month you might have a blister pack which is easy to carry in one's pocket, some months a bottle of tablets. Infuriating.

  • Boots have gone mad in Newton Abbot there are 3 of them now or is that 4?



  • maddness

    when my script goes in have same trouble they send one pack and then have to argue with receptionist at dr life not easy but hey love making it more difficult then ever espercially one evill one every dr has one just to speak to a dr is diff a noth if you get stuck with this one hope you sort it out having rough time at mo asked for app but evill one on and have to wait till tomorrow if i last that long take care x

  • More madness OH collect all my drugs but one, now they say they can't get it and their supplier has no idea when they can get it. Called around and Asda can get it (they have different supplier) but because the script was part filled I have to call GP to get another one with the one item on it and it would be hideously expensive one!



  • Asda use a different supplier and now GP has done script with only the drug on it, looks like I can get perscription filled. It was naughty of Boots to part fill the script knowing they could not get one item as they can't give you the script back and OH who collected the drugs assumed that if Boots could not get it no-one else would be able.


  • Oh yes, I've had the part filled script and then you can't take it elsewhere. Really annoying.

    What worries me is the number of mistakes made, sometimes these seem quite 'minor' in that something wrongly labelled that I take regularly and know how to use won't make a difference, but I have had wrong doses put on things, been given half empty pill packets and once being given entirely the wrong drug which led to an interesting afternoon of the GP, secretary and practice manager on the phone to the pharmacy trying to sort the mess out the pharmacy had created themselves. This, to me, is more worrying, because for each of these mistakes, both the 'dispensed' and 'checked' boxes had been signed, apparently by two different pharmacists. Could both really get it wrong? And if I've had these mistakes in a year, how many such errors are being made?

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