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Not actually about asthma although the asthma is a reason it is a problem. I get from time to time kidney stones, since my asthma has taken a turn for the worse this is a problem as I can't use the powerful pain killers (Morphoine type things) I used to use cos in the dosage needed to have any effect will effect my breathing, smaller dosages don't come near to touching it. Like many I also can't take NSAIDS. This morning I am between posting roaming around the house trying desperatly to cope with the agony in my back. I am lucky in that they tend to be small and as a rule pass alone without the need for zapping. Am I missing something does anyone have ideas I can suggest to Drs who tend to scratch their heads, wack up vast amounts of fluid, make sympathetic noises and wait for it to work its way out. I am drinking lots of clear fluids and trying to keep my mind off it, but it is mind blowingly painful.

My cons for the kideny stones is happy for me to stay at home so long as I can bear the pain so I am not breaking any rules by trying to brave it out and unless i feel that I can get something useful out of a visit to the local costa I would rather be at home.


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  • I know its basic but does a soak in the bath or a hot water bottle help at all? do u know anyone 1 with a TENS machine u could borrow?

    Alternatively u could try doing the can can to shake it on its way and speed its exit!!!!

    Sending gentle pain free hus your way

  • I have probs with chronic severe chest pain but GP I saw yesterday is trying me on slow-release dihydrocodeine so that dont have to take 8 tabs a day and that it releases more slow as not to affect chest but STILL control pain!

    But everyone tolerates pain differently but TENS machine may help you!

    I know I got one for when I cant have too many painkillers!

  • I have a tens machine somewhere, I will dig it out and find some batteries, thanks for the help I am going for bath now, with some nice oils in to help me relax.


  • Dug out TENS machine not used it for about 5 years luckily I put it away without a battery in it. Hooked it up and it is deffo helping. I have no idea where to put the 4 ""pads"" so I went for 2 above and 2 below the kidney and it seems to be OK. I am much more comfortable now :) If I have got the position of the ""pads"" wrong could someone let me know otherwise I will stick with it as it is now cos it is working.


  • Hi, Pain is a major issue for me as i have back problems and suffer from pain from that, but like you pain killers arn't helping. I use a tens machine and i think its kinda hit and miss, if its working where the pads are then thats fine. I don't think there is a spesific place to put them. I try them out in different places and see how it feels. I have never used it for kidney infections or stones pain, and will have to try that in future.

    hope your feeling better soon

  • Bex i have major pain probs. Have been switched to oxycodone slow release and then a short release for break thru pain. Maybe worth a trip to pain management clinic.

  • I don't get these stones very often thankfully this only the 2nd since my asthma got worse. Thankfully the painkillers I can take coupled with the TENS seem to have worked and as a rule it is over in a day or 2 so hopefully tomorrow it will all be over. If they get more regular then I the pain clinic might be a good idea thoough.


  • Just to let you know stone made its way out today. Yippee!


  • Bex

    Glad its pased for now!

    Can I ask if anyone knows how long it takes for slow-release painkillers to reach full effect?

    Is 4 to 5 days long enough or could it take longer?

    Sorry Bex for butting in!

  • Wheezer it normally takes a couple of days.

    Bex have read about a homeopathic remedy which involves drinking oil,lemon and something esle. But is supposed to get rid of stones permenantly.

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