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Good news! hehe

afternoon all!

well it is been a while since i have been on, but there as been development on the old chest front, and i thought i would share them with you as it goes to show that how hurrendous asthma can be, it does not mean it will be for ever.

for those that do not know me i am a type two brittle asthmatic and have had multiply admissions to ITU and been ventilated on a number of occasions, i am bucklet loads of meddies and have home o2.

went to an outpatient appiontment on tuesdays, and because of my massive reduction in sypmtoms and need for steroids, he is happy for me to reduce them and am now offically in remission :-) :-) :-)

i am attack free, back at the gym three times a week and running most nights!start bk at uni in sept to pick up where i left off! so all is looking up!

so if you are going through a bad stage, then it does not matter how aweful it feels there is always light at the end of the tunnel!

with love and thanks for all the suport with the bad times from everyone!

rob x x x x x a very smiley young fellow! lol

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Hi Rob,

What is your secret? Wow, that is good news, but please be carefull though!

I am more or less stable (ignoring the grumbles) at the mo and also Back in St John Uniform too!

Did a 12 hr duty, Radio comms, and no one nagged me at all all day!

Anyway, take care




Congratulations, Rob, it's good to know that things are going better for you.

Em H


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