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Betamethasone steroid tabs + sugar/sweetness cravings

Dont know if anyone can help here BUT I need some advice!

Betamethasone has a very high glucocorticoid activity in conjunction with insignificant mineralocorticoid activity. This makes them particularly suitable for high-dose therapy in conditions where fluid retention would be a disadvantage.

According to the BNF that is!

But could the highers glucocortoid activity mean the risks of diabetes is higher ??

Im slightly worried as since changing and especially since upping to equivalent of 60mg pred I've been needing to drink ALOT more but whether thats because I am simply not keeping excess fluid on now or whether its possibly related to increase craving for sweeter things !!

Probably sounds totally whacky but its so strange how I am cravinfg sweeter things and drinking more and totally exhausted all the time!

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I dunno if this will help much but when I was younger I used to drink a LOT, i was tested for diabetes but it came back negative. The doctor told my mum to offer me water instead of fruit juice or squashes, if i would take the water then i really was thirsty but if not, then it was just the sugar. I think he was implying that if i was diabetic i would drink anything, including water.

So are you drinking a lot of water or a lot of sugary drinks?



Hmmmmmmmmm I will drink anything YES even plain tap water which I hate lol

Guess its time I get a blood sugar check at gps when can get an stupid appt that is lol

Its just the need for someat sweet food so quickly lol

Like my body starts caving in on me if dont get sugar but drunk 2 pints of water on top of hot/cold drinks sweet and non-sweet today lol

But am so tired all the time but could be the atarax making me drowsy where it didnt the forst week at all though lol

Diabetes runs in my dads side family bad so I am pre-disposed to it also lol


hi donnna,

haev googlled betamethhasone and fouund the followign - tink i'd haev a chaat wiht ur cons or gp abtouu it. Frrom wot i undrestand it couuld be taht thhere is an inccreased channce of induccign diabetees - btu see wot u tink.

Teh folliwibng is takkne from

Betamethasone is used in much higher doses than the levels of corticosteroids produced naturally by the body, and as such, the usual actions of corticosteroids become exaggerated and can be observed as side effects of this medicine.

seom of the sied effectts listde are insominia, and changges in blodd sugars.

I wil sayy taht doont worry if u haev gto induccde diabettes - i was diagonnised wiht this last May and haev hadd no probs sinnce - onlyl haev to test my sugarrs onnce a wek noww as thhey aer stablle.

As i siad - haev a chhat wiht ur gp or ashtma nursee bout ur concernns.

hpoe u enjoygin ur g & b's - i'm giong to be braave and try seom nexxt wek.



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