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Accolate v Singulair

Has anyone taken Singulair but suffered side effects but been ok on Accolate? Our pharmacist tells me that it is a very similar drug.

My husband had Singulair some time ago but suffered crippling stomach cramps but having just had his 6 monthly appointment with consultant he has been prescribed Accolate and we are worried about side effects.

The reason for the Accolate is that he is only managing to control his symptoms by taking a mimimum of 20mg Prednisolone (often more), and has been taking this dose for about 18 months or so now. (Has has had bone density scans which are fine so far).

Any experiences gratefully received!



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hi i use

Singulair 20mg at night and it gives me bad heartburn ive not used the other med that you mentioned but im on 3omg prednislone and been using for the last ten years and ive had bone density scan which is called dexa scan and ive osteopenia which the onset to osteoporosis my scan came back as ive osteopenia on both sides of my hips and it can be painfull

many thanks



I tried singulair when It 1st came out and it didn't work. Due to this I tried the accolate twice daily which did make a difference, but been on it that long can't remember side effects, but response was great and evident within a couple of weeks..... Told it's in same group but like a step up to

Singulair.... Hope it helps and no side effects for u ....


I am reading this with great interest as my son had to come off singular due to not being able to sleep at night while he was on it and when he finally did nod off he had awful night terrors! Does anyone know if accolate is licensed for children?


It is clarebear but from the age of 12. Anyone can register for the BNF (British National Formulary) which is used in the NHS



Thank you for the tip I shall look the BNF up, unfortunately Fraser is only 7yrs!


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