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how long do benefiical effects of theophylline last?

Hi all,

I don't post much here any more, but do still read. I'm back with a question: if you stop taking a theophylline based drug (I've been taking Uniphylline), how long is it likely to continue having any positive effect?

I know this is a weird question, but the background is that I am trying (under GP guidance) allergen avoidance strategies. But, rather stupidly, I started taking Uniphylline about three weeks before I started the allergen avoidance (not a very well designed experiment!). I'm as SOB as ever but less wheezy, but of course I dont know if that is due to allergen reduction or uniphylline, so I wondered how long i would need to stop the uniphylline for in order to find out!



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Its pretty much out of your system in any benifical levels in 12 hours, 24 hours and the odds are there won't be a trace of it left.


thanks Bex, it shouldnt take me too long to get an answer then.


Ali, I would double check before stopping your uniphylline when at good levels in your system its incredibly effective. I would hate for you to stop it and go splat.


I'll definitely discuss with my GP first Bex - i want to do this 'experiment' right which means having the docs on board, knowing exactly what i am doing. I do I think uniphylline is making a positive difference, so I'd be reluctant to come off it for long, so I wanted to know how long it was likely to be before I even go and suggest it. But if I can do a quick couple of days without to get some answers I think it would be worth it.


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