Family activity holiday and asthma


I am delighted that i have decided to take my family on a PGL activity holiday this Summer. This is our first holiday like this and as the date nears closer i am beginning to feel a bit anxious.

I pre-warned PGL about my asthma and allergies but just wondered if any other asthmatics have holidayed with this company and how able they would be to help me manage if any problems arose. The activities maybe quite difficult for me to fully participate in and i am worried that i might feel embarrassed by this especially if we are in a group of very fit and able families. You know the type!!

Maybe i shouldnt have booked this type of holiday, really this was the kids choice but any re-assurances would be great or advise.



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  • I am sure your going to have a fab time :D

    PGL is great fun and they will accomodate to any needs/ability you have.

    I havn't been on a PGL in a long time now ( but one of my friends went last summer with her family and loved it!). Despite having brittle asthma I am still quite active when I am well and have done all sorts of watersprts and rock climbing (and other typical PGL stuff :) ) so just wanted to say enjoy it and I'm sure you will have an amazing time!

    ally x

  • Hi

    I am going on three activity holidays this summer and i am so excited. I have complecated asthma or what ever you choose to call it. (i just say asthma)

    Some things i struggle with but what the instructors always tell me to do is take it at your pace and when you get tired sit and watch and smile at others for a while then join back in again. Just do what you feel able to do and most importantly enjoy yourself! It will be great fun!

    Your kids will love it that is guarentteed and you will enjoy what you manage and what funny things you see happening when you are watching. (that is how i look at it) Asthma should not stop you going to things you enjoy even if you have to do it at a slower rate to your kids.

    enjoy yourself! Plumie

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