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Ok so maybe i do have asthma!!


Just looking for some advice. Usually my asthma is reasonably well controlled, hence the "" I dont really have asthma"" fantasy. Anyway went on holiday last week and forgot symbicort but felt ok for a few days and then towards end of holiday, developed night coughing and airways a bit sensitive. Also feel have to constantly clear my throat. On arriving home began using the symbicort, thats 3 days ago and still have the same symptoms. Not sleeping well and coughing during the day as well. Should i double the dose for the symbicort now and how long does it take before i will feel better or do i need something else. What a nuisance but this will definetly teach me.

Thanks for any help with this.

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its easy to fall in to that trap i think when your under control, i was under fantastic control for ages with seretide, even convinced myself that id grown out of it, but as always the general rule of once asthmatic always asthmatic.

sorry to hear that your symptoms are poorly controlled at the moment, the best advice i can offer is to either follow your action plan protocals or ask your GP

hope u feel better soon


Thanks for that Wendy. It was great for a few days thinking, probably like yourself, that i had outgrown asthma but the symtoms of poor control have come back to remind me that its still there and that i should take more care. I do hate having asthma, although i realise that i am fortunate in that most of the time its controlled. I will think increase the dose, i think thats what i had agreed with asthma nurse. Will see how it goes for a few days. Hubbie sick of the coughing and sleeping on sofa!!


let me know how you get on :)


Yep been there and done that. I would possibly best describe me as ""an asthmatic coming out of denial"" - thinking everyone was worse that me and mine was only mild. How wrong I was proved!

You have my total symphathy - and I am sure my hubbie would sympathise with yours fed up of the coughing and sleeping in the spare room. Although mine (in his state of sleep) does confuse snoring with wheezing and wonders why it won't stop!

Hope you are feeling better soon now that you are back on the inhalers. I am sure the coughing etc with calm down soon once your medication is re-established.

Take care



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