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allergy asthma

hey people,

i was just wondering if anyone who has allergy asthma, ever gets when they take an allergy attack a blotchy face,sore eyes as well as having shortness of breath and wheeze?

just i haven't long taken ANOTHER asthma attack caused my allergy's, and every time i am taken my attacks my skin on my face is a total mess. and it makes me really self concious, and depressed. i have severe asthma, but having severe asthma isn't bad enough the allergy reactions come out on my face as well.

katie x

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I get the works, they can come together or in any combination. Sneezing, runny nose, wheezing, eczema. Antihisamines just slow my response to things I am very allergic to (eg. dogs) but mostly work for hayfever. Your not alone.


hey ts,

I am a really severe asthmatic, allergic to everything. my consultant wants to start me on xolair treatment which is a treatment for allergy asthma as i am entitled to it as my allergy's are so high, but because my allergy's are really high, your allergy levels need to be in the middle. and mines are really high. just seem to be allergic to everything and I don't have a life because off it, I take anti histamine but doesnt seem to help. the blocthy face and my exema comes out as well and eyes all swell up,makes me feel so ugly. i cant have a life because of my asthma is always in the way and im always in and out of hospital. just out of hospital, i have been in hospital 3 times this year and this is only beginning march! xx


Hi Katie, Me and son have the works between us. He has severe rhinitis, runny nose, headaches, cant sleep, problems concentrating. I have excema, the last two years it's come out on my face quite badly. Between us we're allergic to a lot of things, house dust, pollen, all animals, birds, pets, airborne dander (not much you can do about that). I only have to go in a house with a cat/dog and my face swells and starts hurting (honest) and I get wheezy.

We both take antihistamines - son takes Piriton and NeoClarityn. He is also takes Avamys nasal spray and that has helped a lot. The only thing that really clears up my excema is a course of steroids (taken for my asthma). As soon as I finish the steroids the excema comes back.

Sorry, none of this helps you much, but at least you know you are not alone.


i have tried flixonase allergy spray (in addition to oral antihistamines) in the past and found this helpful.

hope u get some relief x x


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