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Coughing in the day

Thank you all for your previos posts, The Clenill is helping at night not waking half as much now coughing its just the day now thats giving me a problem im on salbutamol as and when I need to use it but it does not seem to help me and not reducing the coughing in the day and my chest feels like a hurd of elephants is stamping on it today is bad again!

Any comments I would appreciate



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you could have a chest infection and need to see your GP if not to wellxxxxxx


or it could just be inflammation.

Would suggest going back to your GP and seeing if they can increase your preventor.


u know urself best so if is different from the usual, pls go back to the hospital.

hope u get well soon



Vitamin B12 Deficiency May Be Linked to Chronic Cough


Patients with unexplained cough may be deficient in vitamin B12, shows a new study. Researchers in Italy investigated upper and lower airway responsiveness and cough threshold to histamine before and after vitamin B12 supplementation in 40 patients with chronic unexplained cough. (rest of article )

Source: Jennifer Stawarz

American College of Chest Physicians

Excerpt from Medical News Today


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