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Just a bit of a moan-sorry!!

Hello there, am feeling a bit fed up so apologies!Am generally very positive and still am-just hacked off!I have had asthma since I was about 2-3 and am now 43, but the last few years it has turned ""difficult"". Have been into RBH difficult asthma protocol several years ago which wasn't a lot of help, unfortunately. I have loads of allergies and anaphylaxis, but my IgE levels for some reason are always really low, so can't get Xolair.(otherwise I would, very frustrating) My life seems to exist around months of high dose steroids and nebulisers, I have a home neb which keeps me out of hospital. Was off work for 9 weeks in the summer managed exactly 1 month finally off steroids and then got another chest infection- and am now at home having been off for 5 weeks, still on loads of steroids and regular nebs.Fed up!I constantly worry about losing my job due to my health- i work in the health care profession and have changed jobs which helped a bit, but not a huge amount, think I need to live in a bubble!Asthma seems to dominate my life and I used to be so active and sporty, it's not great at times. Have put on so much weight from all the steroids and being house bound for weeks on end. Sorry!Feel better having had a winge- and apologies!

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Moan away - sometimes it helps!

Besides I was feeling sorry for myself and my asthma is much milder than yours so in a funny sort of way I feel better. BUt how on earth did you get off steroids? It took me a year to get from 5mg to 1 and then I hurt so much!!! Trouble is they're back at 35mg. Fortunately I tolerate them quite well but...............

One trigger I have is those solid airfresheners you find in public loos. It might be worth checking. It's not so infuriating if I know why I'm ill.

Good Luck and I hope you feel better soon.


never be sorry for moaning... sometimes its good just to get it out there (off your chest so-to-speak)... I have felt like you many many times... I get so fed up of constant chest infections (have yet another one now)...I used to walk everywhere, but now I find it hard to walk even short distances....I have gone into work feeling awful because I am scared I will lose my job, but its getting to that point I may have to give it up anyway...its not easy... people only see the coughing etc they don't know how it feels.. walking is tiring... you don't always cough during an attack, sometimes its just not having energy, having a sore chest, and chest infection after chest infection... just makes us weaker....I have been to Pulmonary rehab twice now... and one time I had an attack and had to use the ned which was embarrassing as I was the youngest person there!!! I am having yet another chest infection yet another course of steroids...its demoralising, and I know a lot of asthmatics feel the same like they will never feel better....just do what you can, moan to whomever you want to whenever you want to....just know we are all there with you.. know how you feel and you are not alone...exercise when you can, take it easy when you can't and just keep breathing! x


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