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Does anyone know if AED's can affect asthma?


OK So the reason for this question is RB is being assessed for Epilepsy on top of a load of other medical conditions. He keeps getting what he describes as butterflies in his stomach that spread and start stabbing him with there wings and then he will be awake but un-responsive and his right arm will start twitching and lashing out. He has no control over this and doesn't even know it is happening unless he feels his arm hit his side. This form of Epilepsy is called Myoclonic seizures and are more common than people think. But they let him home last night and today he is really bad again and is just sleeping. I had to wake him for breakfast because his sugar level was dropping and he went straight back to bed and is fast a sleep again. This isn't him at all. He is normally so hyperactive you can't get him to sit still and when he is sitting he is so figgity it is un-beleivable.

So they have said that if they decide to put him on Anti-Epilepsy Drugs (AED's) then they will want him back in hospital so they can start them under medical supervision so they can treat and make sure they have the right medication in-case it does affect his sugar levels or his asthma. I am not happy with the way he is today and I do feel like ringing the ward he was on and speaking to them as I know my son and I know something isn't right and he is very ill

Thank you for your input and I anyone has any advice or experience then I will be very grateful

Thank you once again from a very concerned mother

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if in doubt... shout

sweetie, you know RB best. if you're worried, CALL THEM!! and if he's anything like my 7yo then he's super hyperactive usually. you know she's ill when she doesn't fidget at.all.

anyway. phone. and let me know how you get on. thinking of you

geina xx

Hi asthma family,

I used to work with children with special needs, many of whom had various types of epilepsy. I would get him assessed as this is all new to both you and him. Over time you will know his pattern of behaviour and symptoms but to begin with i would err on the side of caution always and get him checked out ASAP.

Jac xx


Thank you both. Rang the ward and they said because he isn't renal then they can't take him back to assess him but to go ED. Would ED be ok with having a child home off school with bellyache? I think it is just because she had some hospital food that after she had eaten I remembered that before they was serving things with dairy in so there was cross contamination so I have been treating her for an allergic reaction today.

The very kind cook at the hospital gave her some spag bol as the one I took with me for her wasn't that big a portion and she was still complaining she was hungry after eating her's but he said it was diary free.


My hubby and both sons have epilepcy and all on diffrent meds but touch wood all been ok for a while but its me with asthma.I hope your son starts meds soon if got it xxx


Hope he is ok - If in doubt go in -always better to see a child slightly ill and get peace of mind than when they are critical. I do know of a number of people on AED and asthma meds with no problem but its definately better to start them in hospital under medical supervisionso the right help is there to deal with any potential problems- sounds like the poor lad has been through alot in his little life x

Oh I do emapthise. Poor things.

I was diagnosed with epilepsy nearly 6 yrs ago and have taken aed's twice daily ever since. I too, take asthma meds and it made no difference to those.

I started aed's in hosp but only for a couple of days. They made me very sleepy for about a month as my body just couldn't adjust. I stuck with them though an I'm still on them now.

Hope things settle. Let us know.

Lots of love

Emily x

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