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Asmasal clickhaler keeps brake after only 2 weeks

Does thought I would share this story with you all about the asmasal clickhaler.

My son is going back to the doctors AGAIN tomorrow about his inhaler as it keeps braking. This is his second inhaler in a month that has done this. It lives in a case except when he is using it and today when he went to take it nothing. He hasn't even used all 200 activations. He has only used 90 activations and know I am having to resort to the spray and spacer again which hasn't impressed him at all. He hates using the spacer which is why we had his inhaler changed to a dry powder. I am hoping the doctor will give him either blue version of his becodiscs or his salmeteral and I have a funny feeling he will also end up on antibiotics too as he is waking in the night AGAIN coughing like mad and finding it hard to breathe.

Has anyone else this problem with the asmasal clickhaler? I am also going to report it the company that make the inahler too so they sort out fixing the issue

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Hiya :)

I use this one too. There are a couple of things that could be happening with it. Firstly are you sure there is nothing? It looks like nothing is coming out but after the click a MINUTE amount of powder comes out. You wont see it unless you check for it. You can do this by doing the following: Click the inhaler down and then tap the end you breathe in onto your hand. A small bit of powder should come out but I mean small- like a few specks.

Otherwise- do you ever keep it somewhere warm and humid or does it go near water? It wont work if it does- Mine can't be kept in the bathroom because of the steam. If i get it steamed up or wet it's a gonner. If the case is plastic the thing can sweat in hot, steamy weather and if it's fabric the damp may be getting in

Finally it could be something to do with the manufacturer as I know a few months ago they stopped producing them due to a problem with the inhalers so if you are getting old stock in the pharmacy it could be the ones that were a bit rubbish IYKWIM?

Hope you fix it soon


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