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Results and Receptionists


On Monday I dropped a sputum sample in at my GPs as I have been feeling under the weather. I telephoned earlier today to get the results but the receptionist said that although they were back, they hadn't been filed and so I couldn't have them.

I've just telephoned again now, and apparently the GP still hasn't seen them, and has now left until Monday so I'll have to wait until then.

Does anybody know whether GPs need to see even negative results before hte receptionist can give them out? I'm now worried that I've grown another bug, just because the receptionist couldn't tell me, whereas it may be that this is how these things always work and it's just routine? Also, presumably it's a good sign that the results are back so quickly, as a positive result would need time to find sensitivities?

Anyone any experience on this? Thanks

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I think GP's need to see the result first, even good ones, so don't worry, you'll only make yourself worse.


My practice very rarely give results over the phone but if i go in person the receptionist will often pop up to dr to get results checked if they havent been.

it really does depend from practice to practice but if i was just call first thing and ask them to get gp to check and call u back later that morning - of course if u feeling much worse contact the out of hrs dr or go to a n e



I've heard from another friend of mine (a GP) that the doctor does need to see all results before the receptionist can release them, as it isn't always clear whether they're normal or not. So I really don't need to worry - it may well still be negative. I just got a bit worried because it was the weekend etc etc, and to be honest, I'd rather the receptionist had just said it wasn't back rather than that she couldn't tell me!

Thanks again. x


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