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Horse Manure allergy ???


I am allergic to horses, makes me really wheezy etc.

I have just shoved some Prepared Horse Manure (smell free stuff! I wouldn't inflict fresh stuff on the neighbours) onto my spuds ( Bloomin' things had better apreciate it!), however, although I wore gloves, I now have an itchy rash on my arms and lungs not too happy.

I wonder if there are horse hairs in the poo??

Something to ponder if you are allergic to horses and like / attempt veg gardening!


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on a separate note, horse manure is OK for roses, but forget it for general gardening. It poisons the ground, thats why horse owners walk the field daily picking it up.


This stuff is mixed with other stuff and fine for chucking all over the garden, mum does it every year. and her garden is flourishing!!

It isn't the neat smelly stuff, well matured! Organic Blended Stable Manure it says on the bag.


If they sweep it up off the floor then yes will contain hair.


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