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struggling with breathing

when i was diagnosed with asthma it was diaganosed as moderate but i am very sure it is now turing to severe due to place where i am living, but nothing will be done about the damp as is covering the bathroom and even enviromental health did not even do anything and council want re house me, so am having to stay here even though dont want to, have a doctors appiontment on the 10th which my support worker is coming with me to try and get everything sorted, as they never listen to me and had enough of being ignored and rushed when am really suffering with all my conditions, but am hoping i can wait that long as really struggling to breath and being a bit pale, i am thinking that if i have to stay here then the doctors are drastically going to have to do somthing before i end up really ill and they are going to have to start to have to take it serious, and am thinking that i will have to go on a lot more meds just to be more comfertable and just so i can breathe properly

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please do not wait till the 10th please go and see the out of hours doctors if you are struggling. we cannot see you and cannot give accurate medical advise but from your recent posts you are worried so i suggest you go off to see out of hours doctors today to get some help or ring GP first thing monday for an appointment that day. Asthma can be serious and it better to get help sooner rather than later.

Speaking from experience. I have a support worker too.



the earliest i would be able to go is wednesday as have no money for travel, but i want to go with support worker as she will help with getting my asthma controlled and getting the doctor to do somthing as they never listen to me


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